Luxury Eco Hotels

Luxury Eco Hotels

15 hotels worldwide
The clean art of traveling green

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Travel is about seeing the world’s beauty, and that means we need to protect it. A number of our hotels go the extra mile for the good of the environment, from solar and geothermal energy to biomass heating technologies and small-scale farm-to-table food programs. You can also contribute to the good of the environment when you travel, simply by considering one of our many green hotels.

15 Participating Hotels for Luxury Eco Hotels

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  • Australia (1)
  • Austria (1)
  • Germany (2)
  • Greece (1)
  • Iceland (1)
  • Italy (3)
  • Switzerland (1)
  • Taiwan (1)
  • Turkey (1)
  • United Kingdom (2)
  • United States (1)
  • Berlin (2)
  • Cassago Brianza, Lake Como (1)
  • Istanbul (1)
  • Kitzbühel (1)
  • Laax (1)
  • Lana (1)
  • London (2)
  • Melbourne (1)
  • Milan (1)
  • New York City (1)
  • Selfoss (1)
  • Serifos (1)
  • Taipei (1)
Services & Facilities
  • Fine Dining (2)
  • Fitness Center (11)
  • Pool (5)
  • Rooftop (2)
  • Spa (6)
  • Surfing (0)
  • Yoga (1)

Humble House Taipei

, Taiwan

Humble House Taipei occupies the top floors of a “Diamond-rated green building”, which has plants growing from floors five to seven to reduce room temperature and energy consumption.

from EUR 154 /night
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Crosby Street Hotel

New York City
, United States

The proud owner of a Gold LEEDS (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification, Crosby Street Hotel abounds with energy-efficient technology and sustainable materials.

from EUR 474 /night
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Hotel Zoo Berlin

, Germany

Thanks to sustainable materials and environmentally friendly technologies, Hotel Zoo Berlin boasts a Green Globe certification.

from EUR 138 /night


, Switzerland

In addition to being powered entirely by hydroelectricity, Rocksresort features solar-powered chairlifts and uses biomass heating.

from EUR 203 /night
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Solar energy, small-scale organic farming methods, and natural beauty products ensure that Hotel Kitzhof has minimal impact on the environment.

from EUR 134 /night
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Neighboring both biomass and hydroelectric power plants, Vigilius Mountain Resort is powered by nature and features temperature-regulating clay walls and a grass-covered roof.

from EUR 220 /night
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Ion Adventure Hotel

, Iceland

Located on a geothermal parkland, Ion Adventure Hotel generates electricity by cooling the volcanic waters sourced from the ground below.

from EUR 310 /night
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The Mandala Hotel

, Germany

The Mandala Hotel sends zero waste to landfill sites and works strictly with local suppliers to ensure a reduced carbon footprint.

from EUR 145 /night
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Adelphi Hotel

, Australia

On top of a dedicated water-saving, recycling, and energy-saving program, Adelphi Hotel supports a number of charities, including Cleanup Australia.

from EUR 174 /night
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C-Hotel & Spa

Cassago Brianza, Lake Como
, Italy

C-Hotel & Spa uses solar energy for its electricity and hot water, while the building itself is made from local natural materials.

from EUR 99 /night
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Gezi Hotel Bosphorus

, Turkey

Thanks to its near-zero emissions, Gezi Hotel Bosphorus earned Turkey’s acclaimed Greening Hotels certificate.

from EUR 104 /night
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Ham Yard Hotel

, United Kingdom

Thanks to the efficient water system, solar panels, and green rooftops, Ham Yard Hotel was awarded a four-star BREEAM excellence rating.

from EUR 309 /night
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Number Sixteen

, United Kingdom

Despite its central London location, Number Sixteen hotel features a green garden and lives by the principle of sustainable development.

from EUR 169 /night
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, Italy

Straf is dedicated to reducing the use of plastic wherever possible. The hotel’s art exhibition gives voice to its anti-plastic stance.

from EUR 188 /night
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The bedding and sleep products at Coco Mat are made from 100 percent natural materials and are completely recyclable.

from EUR 216 /night