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Bohemia Suites & Spa

Bohemia Suites and Spa Guestroom on Gran Canaria
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  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant, rooftop bar, pool bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Spa. pool, gym, garden

  • Conference & Meetings

    Multiple rooms and outdoor space

  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant, rooftop bar, pool bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Spa. pool, gym, garden

  • Conference & Meetings

    Multiple rooms and outdoor space

Hidden from tourist areas, this private, oceanfront property pampers with rich native materials and colors echoing Gran Canaria’s raw beauty.

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Architecture Sand asylum

Bohemia Suites and Spa Facade in Gran Canaria

Architecture Sand asylum

In addition to its geometric disk-like protrusion hanging over an upper corner, the structure offers wide, open living spaces...

that blur boundaries between inside and out. Rising above the dunes, the 1970s-built landmark is a quiet oasis surrounded by volcanic peaks. The angular vertical shutters, mirroring the rise and fall of the surrounding dunes, allow warm light into each room.

Interior design Grand serenity

Contemporary and futuristic furniture with radiant color schemes and irregular shapes fill the interiors.

Complemented by lavish mahogany floors and rich, olivewood furnishings, Hotel Bohemia’s décor gives guests the sensation of being completely enveloped by nature.

Bohemia Suites
Bohemia Suites And Spa Theme Box 01 Wellbeing

Wellbeing West meets East

Soft flowing drapes and smooth gray stones help to soothe guests in the custom-built Siam Spa.

Guests are immersed in 600 meters of Asian luxury and authentic relaxation that cultivates the body, balances the mind, and includes sauna, steam, ice fountain, and more. The Siam Spa staff offers a wide variety of treatments. A gym is complemented by an outside wellness area that includes a flotarium, Jacuzzi, and garden with sun- and Balinese beds.

Food & Drink Full circle

360° Restaurant serves up stunning ocean views and local cuisine with an Asian/French and organic flair.

Bohemia Suites And Spa Theme Box 2

Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“Local producers and employees are always our first choice—we want to be a part of our island.”

Icon Architecture (1)


The building was constructed in the late 1960s. During the renovation, the architect integrated the hotel into the surrounding landscape and used natural, high-quality materials.

Icon Waste (1)


The hotel minimizes single-use items, reuses materials when possible, and avoids plastics as disposable material. Guests are encouraged to separate their own waste in the guestrooms.

Icon Energy (1)


The hotel works with clean energy suppliers and uses solar panels, motion sensors, LED lights, and automatic air conditioning sensors to minimize energy use.

Icon Water (1)


Aerators, low-consumption cisterns, and a water renewal system are used to minimize water consumption. The hotel encourages staff and guests to reduce usage.

Icon Productsproduce (1)

Products & Produce

The hotel prioritizes local suppliers whenever possible. Fruit, yogurt, goat cheese, and more can be sourced locally. Crockery was made by an artisan on Gran Canaria.

Icon Culture (1)


Bohemia relies on local artists for the enrichment of the hotel. From works of art to music to crafts, everything is related to the environment and the islands.

Icon Healthyworkplace (1)

Healthy Workplace

Bohemia prioritizes the recruitment of local staff, works with employees to create a career plan, and offers better working conditions than required by local labor law.

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Playa del Ingles

Bohemia Suites & Spa
Avenida Estados Unidos, 28
Playa del Ingles 35100

Facts & Facilities

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