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Eremito Interior Design in Parrano, Italy
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  • Food & Drink

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  • Spa & Recreation

    Steam bath, whirlpool tub, and activities

  • Food & Drink

    1 Restaurant

  • Spa & Recreation

    Steam bath, whirlpool tub, and activities

Exuding a monastic aesthetic of cell-like spaces, rooms at Eremito, in Umbria, enable one to fully retreat into a setting that is perfect for contemplation.

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Architecture Nino Nenna

Eremito, architecture

Architecture Nino Nenna

Built stone by stone upon a derelict house, Eremito took four years to create.

Adhering to the 13th-century art of Italian masonry, 130,000 stones were used in its construction. Despite its traditional appearance, Eremito is technologically and sustainably up-to-date. The electricity is generated by a photovoltaic system and while it satisfies the needs of the hotel, the main source of lighting is still candlelight in keeping with the property’s retrospective spirit.

Interior design Marcello Murzilli

A focus on time, peace, and contemplative spaces has resulted in an interior style where natural materials take precedence...

where furnishings are few but comfortable, and where a reliance on candlelight creates the right atmosphere. Taking inspiration from Umbrian monasteries, the design can be described as “Franciscan minimalism”.

Eremito Interior Design in Parrano, Italy
Eremito Marcello Murzilli With Dog Made By Originals A 01 X2

The Originals Marcello Murzilli

“I saw so many places and hotels that I began to think that I wanted to create a hotel that doesn’t exist.”

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Eremito Theme Box 1

Detox A modern hermitage

With over 3,000 hectares of protected natural reserve and considered the spiritual focal point of the country...

thanks to wonderful monasteries in the area, Umbria is a fitting choice for an eco-resort. Eremito’s rooms are called “Celluzze” in the spirit of those ancient monk quarters, while the austere aesthetic aims to provide guests with an “old luxury”experience, meaning plenty of quiet and space to reflect and rejuvenate.

Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“Real luxury for me is fresh air and organic food from the vegetable garden: the rediscovery and appreciation for the essential.”

Icon Architecture (1)


During renovation, the team of local builders disassembled and reassembled the centuries-old structure stone-by-stone, building in robust insulation and respecting the original floor plan of the central building.

Icon Waste (1)


No plastic bottles are used on property. Food waste, all of which is organic, is used to feed the chickens and create compost for the garden.

Icon Energy (1)


Energy consumption at Eremito is very low, thanks to six solar panels, a thermal coat inside the stone walls, and biomass for heating. The main source of lighting is candlelight.

Icon Water (1)


Drinking water is sourced locally from a well at 100 meters. Guests are invited to drink water from the tap. Rather than building a swimming pool, guests swim in the nearby river. 

Icon Productsproduce (1)

Products & Produce

The cuisine is vegetarian, with most ingredients coming from the hotel’s garden. Bread and pasta is homemade. Eggs come from Eremito’s chickens, and legumes and wine are sourced from local producers.

Icon Culture (1)


The hotel is preserving monastic culture for a modern audience. The local community is invited to participate in talks and readings.

Icon Recreation (1)


Guests, can explore the UNESCO nature reserve on foot, swim in the nearby river, join yoga and meditation classes or readings in the chapel, or simply choose a chair and read on the lawn.

Icon Healthyworkplace (1)

Healthy Workplace

Eremito is managed by a community. All staff live on property and aim to enjoy life first and then enjoy their job.  


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Original Experiences The Silent Dinner

The Silent Dinner

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Eremito’s Monastic Mediterranean Recipes

Get the healthiest of monastic Mediterranean cooking traditions from Eremito’s newly released cookbook with three delicious recipes.

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