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Runo Hotel Porvoo

S Runo Hotel Porvoo Finland
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  • Food & Drink

    Breakfast, brunch (lunch/dinner for groups), bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Spa, sauna, and wellness services

  • Conference & Meetings

    1 conference room, 2 meetings rooms, lounge, private dining space, outdoor event garden

  • Architecture

    Eve Sarapää/Sarapää Arkkitehdit

  • Interior design

    Joanna Laajisto/Studio Joanna Laajisto

  • The Originals

    Erkka Hirvonen & Arttu Hirvonen

  • Themes

    New Hotels, City, Art & Culture, Sustainability

  • Food & Drink

    Breakfast, brunch (lunch/dinner for groups), bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Spa, sauna, and wellness services

  • Conference & Meetings

    1 conference room, 2 meetings rooms, lounge, private dining space, outdoor event garden

A landmark building in a medieval coastal town close to Helsinki, Runo Hotel Porvoo blends Finnish traditions with contemporary Nordic design, harmonious colors, and rustic-meets-modern allure.

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Architecture Eve Sarapää/Sarapää Arkkitehdit

Runo Hotel Porvoo Architecture

Architecture Eve Sarapää/Sarapää Arkkitehdit

Designed by master builder Oskari Holvikivi and built at the gate of Porvoo in 1912, the landmark structure that houses Runo has been faithfully restored.

Many of the building’s original elements were painstakingly preserved, including reliefs on the corners of the façade that depict mythical figures from the “Kalevala,” Finland's national epic poem. The hotel’s owner spared no expense in redesigning and reproducing the structure’s original exterior lighting, as well as renovating windows that date back to 1900 and preserving fireplaces and staircases.

Interior design Joanna Laajisto/Studio Joanna Laajisto

A unique ceramic sculpture in the lobby sets a commanding tone, one that says Finnish art is a critical element to the hotel and its celebration of local culture and history.

Inspired by American Shaker-style furnishings, Finnish designer Joanna Laajisto perfectly balances natural materials with contemporary Nordic design. Rustic touches include old farm materials that have been converted into towel racks and benches and tables made from 300-year-old pine floors. A long bar/counter made of Italian travertine connects the entrance hall to the restaurant, while oak, marble, linen, leather, and a gallery-worthy collection of art are counterbalanced by a natural color palette.

Runo Hotel Porvoo Interior Design

Well-being Top of the world

Runo Attic Spa is the ultimate upstairs escape.

Set on the top floor of the building, the hotel’s small but sublime spa offers a sauna, a lounge area with fireplace, a cold-water shower, a terrace, and treatments for singles and couples. Guests also have complimentary access to Fitness24Seven’s gym, just 100 meters from the hotel.

Runo Hotel Porvoo Theme Box 01 Well Being

Food & Drink Local allure

Runo Hotel Porvoo Theme Box 02 Food And Drink

Food & Drink Local allure

Local, artisanal, and inspired—those three words perfectly capture the hotel’s breakfast, brunch, and bar offerings.

Highlighting Finnish and Karelian dishes, Runo Kitchen showcases local food traditions with modern twists, contemporary flavors, and artisanal allure. The hotel’s Runo Bar celebrates the country’s beverage culture through traditional offerings, such as fine Finnish schnapps.

Art Finland's finest

In a grand effort to put local art on the mainstage, Runo presents works by established and emerging artists, with biannual exhibitions as a signature event at the hotel.

A stunning sculpture by Riku Riippa, as well as works by three young Helsinki-based female artists—Inka Bell, Linda Linko, and lisa Maaranen—were chosen by designer Joanna Laajisto to create inspiring and provocative focal points. Each room also features a unique custom-made serigraphy painting.

Runo Hotel Porvoo Theme Box 03 Art 1
Runo Hotel Porvoo Theme Box 03 Art 2
Runo Hotel Porvoo Theme Box 03 Art 3

Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“Our sustainability philosophy focuses on the preservation and respect of history and heritage.”

Icon Architecture (1)


The hotel renovated its historical building according to strict heritage preservation regulations from local authorities and used recycled and reclaimed materials throughout.

Icon Waste (1)


In addition to using recycled materials in construction, the hotel has a recycling center for all waste, uses recycled paper, and does not serve bottled water.

Icon Energy (1)


Runo uses LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances and conserves energy by reheating the building with existing heat.

Icon Water (1)


The hotel uses pressure-restricting filters for all water taps. Only tap water is served, rather than bottled water, and all rooms come with a sparkling water maker.

Icon Productsproduce (1)

Products & Produce

Eggs, fish, meat, flour, herbs, and beer are sourced locally.

Icon Culture (1)


Runo plans to offer extensive cultural programming, including a biannual exhibition of local art.

Icon Recreation (1)


Runo partners with local yoga studios to offer classes in the attic lounge. The hotel is next to a beautiful river, sea, and archipelago where partners offer eco-friendly nature-focused activities.

Icon Accessability (1)


Porvoo is famous for cycling due to its beautiful and versatile nature. The hotel offers bicycle rentals, a bicycle garage, and maintenance. The hotel is working with a professional cyclist to create custom bicycle routes.


Follow the conscious journey

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Runo Hotel Porvoo
Rihkamakatu 4
Porvoo 06100

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