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Gloria Manor

Gloria Manor Water in Hengchun Township
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  • Food & Drink

    Mu Restaurant and Lounge

  • Spa & Recreation

    Pool, yoga program, and locally designed experiences

  • Conference & Meetings

    1 conference space

  • Food & Drink

    Mu Restaurant and Lounge

  • Spa & Recreation

    Pool, yoga program, and locally designed experiences

  • Conference & Meetings

    1 conference space

A former presidential guesthouse, Gloria Manor is both a picture of modernist design and a progressively eco-friendly escape.

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Interior design JAHAA

Gloria Manor Cafe in Hengchun Township

Interior design JAHAA

Before setting foot inside the hotel, guests are struck by the building’s minimalism, textural richness, and pristine marble.

Inside, the bamboo artwork on the lobby ceiling is a reflection of both local materials and crafting heritage, and is beautifully contrasted by geometric floor patterns and minimalistic furnishings. Pure, clean spaces abound, while eco-friendly paint and expansive windows keeps the hotel’s natural surroundings at the forefront.

Architecture J.J. Pan and Partners

Built in 1958 and originally used by the Taiwanese Forestry Bureau and then as one of President Chiang Kai-shek’s guesthouses...

the building that’s home to Gloria Manor is one of modernistic elegance surrounded by some of Taiwan’s most breathtaking forestland. With the environment in mind, the architects installed such technologies as solar panels and a natural water recycling system, as well as designing the building in a way that enhances natural ventilation.

Gloria Manor Architecture
Hotel Proverbs Taipei Made By Originals

The Originals John Chen

“A good hotel must have soul. Soul is the Location Function of Character to the power of Service.”

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Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“We hope to work with the local community so that Kenting’s tourism resources can develop sustainably.”

Icon Architecture (1)


The architects modified a 1950s-built structure with sustainability in mind, adding solar panels and allowing for natural ventilation. An infinity pool next to the lobby was built to cool down the space.

Icon Waste (1)


The hotel provides each guest with a water bottle to be used at water dispensers. Reusable slippers rather than disposable slippers are found in the rooms.

Icon Energy (1)


To reduce the use of air conditioning, the hotel installed ceiling fans, employed vertical shading on the balconies, and allowed all windows in guestrooms to be opened. There is no need to turn on the air conditioner for eight months of the year.

Icon Water (1)


A natural water recycling system has been installed. The hotel provides each guest with a reusable water bottle to be used at water dispensers.

Icon Productsproduce (1)

Products & Produce

The ingredients used in the restaurant are all organic and locally sourced, in order to shorten the food mileage and create an authentically Taiwanese culinary experience.

Icon Culture (1)


Gloria Manor cooperates with local ecological studios and community residents to launch a range of activities, allowing guests to engage with local culture and participate at preferential prices.

Icon Recreation (1)


The hotel hosts traditional concerts, lectures, eagle-watching, and other special events to integrate culture into entertainment.

Icon Accessability (1)


Passengers can take the high-speed rail and then board a shuttle bus to reach the hotel. In addition, free pick-up and drop-off to multiple attractions is provided.

Icon Communication (1)


The hotel often publishes stories about environmental protection and sustainable management on its social media channels.


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Asia / Pacific
Kenting National Park

Gloria Manor
101, Gongyuan Road, Hengchun Township
Kenting National Park 946

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