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Shamim Ehsani

Shamim Ehsani, founder of the distinctive, art-filled Tribe Hotel, on the cosmopolitan side of Nairobi, three iconic landscapes to see, and the main things he hates about hotels.

MBO Sofia 21.2

Rumi and George Chopev

“Our love for great wines isn’t just a personal thing, it’s a joy we want to share with everyone, friends and guests alike.”

Mbo Rodrigo Juarez Journal Teaser 2

Rodrigo Juarez

“I want my guests to leave Boca de Agua feeling that they were in a place that allowed them to pause and breathe and write and read and connect to whatever is important in their life.”

MBO The Cōmodo 02

Barbara Elwardt & Piotr Wisniewski

Architect Barbara Elwardt has a passion for transforming existing structures into fresh-faced wonders. Designer Piotr Wisniewski uses the past to tell new, forward-looking stories.

MBO La Maison Palmier Teaser

Abdallah El Ghandour

“We are from the Middle East, we are from Africa, we are from France. The mixture of these three cultures is what I wanted to give to the guests at La Maison Palmier.”

KV Revisted

Geoffrey Moussas

“The experience of everyday life, your interactions, everything affects the way you perceive things.”


Paul Jones

“It is a trait that really attracts me, to be on the happier and gentler side. It brings a beautiful sense of humanity to the island.”

MBO23 Runo Resized

Erkka Hirvonen

“I had to leave my country to understand my country.”

MBO Manna CJ

Stratis Batagias

“Things flow easier when you’re in the mountains. Of course I love the sea, but my mind and body rest better in the mountains.”

KV MBO Vocabolo Moscatelli

Frederik Kubierschky & Catharina Lütjens

“Fred always says that he feels the most at home in Italy, where he grew up. And I’m happy that we’re coming back together now.”

MBO Mamula CJ Teaser

Samih Sawiris

“When you have been exposed to several cultures throughout your life, it changes who you are.”

Portrait Dexamenes KV CJ

Nikos Karaflos

“I grew up right here. It was a simple and slow life. I remember learning about the qualities of time and space”

MBO Innit CJ

Michal Tyles

“The art of conversation is one of the things that people seem to be losing in the world today.”

MBO Luma CJ 3

Alan Wong, Aaron Chin, & Jennifer Wang

“We are empowering the locals here with The Luma, a place people can be proud of, a place where they can host their foreign visitors.”

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