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Tribe Hotel

S Tribe Hotel Nairobi Kenya
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  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant, bar, and lounge

  • Spa & Recreation

    Health club, indoor pool, Jacuzzi, spa

  • Conference & Meetings

    6 meeting rooms

  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant, bar, and lounge

  • Spa & Recreation

    Health club, indoor pool, Jacuzzi, spa

  • Conference & Meetings

    6 meeting rooms

Warm, earthy shades and a collection of tribal crafts infuse Nairobi’s Tribe Hotel with rich African culture and rare luxury.

Rooms & Suites

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Tribe Hotel Rooms

Architecture Under African skies

Tribe Hotel Architecture

Architecture Under African skies

From every side of Tribe, the building’s nonconformist angles jut toward blue skies, with sand-colored blocks and...

stainless steel columns laid artfully in vertical rows. A soaring atrium shoots four floors up, past curved armchairs and sand-colored walls that convene at unexpected intervals. Granite, slate, and marble help to temper the warm tones, and right angles are almost nonexistent. There’s even a granite table submerged in the heated pool, which those on business can use for alfresco meetings.

Interior design Les Harbottle

Carefully crafted gourds, figurines, and artwork from all over Africa stare back from tables, walls, and crannies...

providing unexpected moments of beauty and giving the hotel a distinctive, African voice. Working with Les Harbottle of design firm Plan One, Tribe owner and all-around visionary Shamim Ehsani managed to incorporate illuminated pendants and table lamps, throwing layers of light across the public spaces.

Tribe Hotel Interior Design

The Originals Shamim Ehsani

“We wanted to encapsulate the city’s African spirit, to build something fresh that celebrated creativity.”

Tribe Hotel Made By Originals

Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“Tribe was conceived from the simple belief that we coexist on a single planet and there is only one Tribe that matters: humankind.”

Icon Architecture (1)


Tribe Hotel converted the rooftop terrace into an organic garden, used renewable concrete bricks for construction, and worked with a local team. 

Icon Waste (1)


Food waste is composted for the organic gardens. Discarded linens are used to produce bags for laundry, shoe-polishing, newspapers, and gifts.

Icon Energy (1)


The hotel uses efficient appliances and heating/cooling systems, a low-emissions hot water boiler, and LED lights that save over 80% in power consumption by lighting.

Icon Water (1)


In addition to water-efficient devices and appliances, Tribe has its own water treatment plant for staff drinking water and provides glass bottles and tumblers for guests.

Icon Productsproduce (1)

Products & Produce

Tribe sources herbs from its own organic garden and buys fixtures, produce, and decor from the local community whenever possible.

Icon Culture (1)


Each Friday, the hotel provides space for the Masai Market, where local traders sell their wares to travelers and the community.

Icon Recreation (1)


Guests are encouraged to join guided nature walks through the Karura Forest and can visit trees planted by the Tribe team along the way.

Icon Healthyworkplace (1)

Healthy Workplace

Tribe hires locally and provides health insurance and equal development opportunities for employees. Staff transportation is done by carpooling to lower the carbon footprint.


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Africa / Middle East

Tribe Hotel
Limuru Road, 418
Nairobi 621

Facts & Facilities

  • Temperature today

    18°C / 64°F

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