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How to Help Ukrainians in Need

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We are currently working with charitable organizations on the ground in Ukraine and surrounding countries, including UNICEF and World Central Kitchen, to provide meals, healthcare, and safe water to those in need. If you can donate, please consider supporting one of the organizations listed here.


Helping to fight hunger:
World Central Kitchen

Helping children in need:


Our hotel in Kyiv, Bursa Hotel has asked us to share these resources:

Helping the volunteers:
Ukrainian Red Cross

Kyiv Volunteers

Helping affected children:
Voices of Children

Our hotel in Kyiv, 11 Mirrors has asked us to share these resources:

Ukraine daily news (English):


Ngoro Ngoro, Berlin 28 April to May 1, 2022

Exhibition Under The Open Sky Masha Reva

Art by Masha Reva

Ngoro Ngoro, Berlin 28 April to May 1, 2022

Visit the Under the Open Sky exhibition

Ukrainian artists Masha Reva and Ivan Grabko showcase their evocative works at this exhibition—hosted by our friends at Bursa Hotel in Kyiv—to raise funds for humanitarian organizations and civilian initiatives in their country. Read more about it on our Culture Journal.

Read more

Wilmina, Berlin 12 April

A Dinner to Support Ukraine

Kyiv’s Bursa Hotel joined Wilmina, our new opening in Berlin, to host Under the Open Sky: A Dinner for Ukraine at Wilmina’s Lovis Restaurant, in partnership with Design Hotels. Dinner was prepared by head chefs Sophia Rudolph of Lovis and Katerina Efimchuk of Kyiv’s Wine Love. 100% of the donations went to Kyiv Volunteer, a network of restaurants that provide meals for Ukrainian defense forces, hospitals, kindergartens, and nursing homes.

Wilmina Dinner 1
Wilmina Dinner 2
Wilmina Dinner 3
Wilmina Dinner 4

Hospitality Helps

Hospitality Helps

Hospitality Helps

Hotel rooms for people in need

Organized by hospitality industry veterans, #HospitalityHelps was created with a single goal: to provide temporary hotel accommodations to Ukrainian residents who were forced to leave their homes as a result of the war. The organization connected families on the run with hotels across Europe that wanted to provide free stays.
As a way to offer practical and immediate assistance, we at Design Hotels actively encouraged our hotel community to partake in #HospitalityHelps. We also offered support to our hotels who acted independently to assist refugees through initiatives that include providing free rooms, fundraising, working with local consulates, and more. #HospitalityHelps is no longer accepting new bookings, but continues to honor existing reservations made for the 2022 year.

Access #HospitalityHelps

Taste and Place The Design Hotels Book

The online sale profits from this year’s book will go to humanitarian aid actions suggested by our two Ukrainian member hotels.

Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book includes a story about how kitchen camaraderie is created at Bursa Hotel in Kyiv, Ukraine. The team is safe and has given us their approval to go ahead with the book release.

Read more

DH LP Book Donation

Hotels Helping Independently


Twelve Senses Retreat

Encinitas, USA

T Wilmina Berlin Germany


Berlin, Germany


H15 Boutique Hotel

Warsaw, Poland


Sir Savigny Hotel

Berlin, Germany


Autor Rooms

Warsaw, Poland


Hotel Zum Löwen Design Hotel Resort & Spa

Duderstadt, Germany


The Met Hotel

Thessaloniki, Greece


Cortiina Hotel

Munich, Germany


Santa Monica Proper

Los Angeles, USA


Downtown L.A Proper Hotel

Los Angeles, USA

San Francisco Proper

San Francisco Proper Hotel

San Francisco, USA

T Austin Proper Hotel Austin United States

Austin Proper Hotel

Austin, USA


Sir Nikolai Hotel

Hamburg, Germany



Amenia, USA

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