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Stamba Hotel

Stamba Hotel, Architecture in Tbilisi
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  • Food & Drink

    Georgian comfort food classics, European favorites, and Asian specialties

  • Food & Drink

    Georgian comfort food classics, European favorites, and Asian specialties

Embodying the zeitgeist of contemporary Tbilisi, Stamba Hotel is a living, breathing reflection of the city’s growing global significance and refined dynamism.

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Architecture Collective Development

Stamba Hotel Architecture

Architecture Collective Development

The design of Stamba highlights the industrial splendor of the Soviet-era publishing house in which it is situated.

In this hotel that never sleeps, the facilities and ongoing offerings create a natural flow of energy throughout the day, drawing and guiding guests and locals throughout the property. Large warehouse windows blur the boundaries between inside and out, while internal steel balconies line the hotel’s upper levels for unmatched vantage points from which to view the greenhouse-inspired atrium.

Interior design Collective Development

The aesthetic is imaginative and industrial, such as the sophisticated pink bar with bold colors and repurposed furniture.

Original features have been repurposed, contributing to the hotel’s overarching indulgent experience and offering an expressive journey through the vintage and the modern. The former publisher’s print-drying beam is now used to support the foliage that dominates the five-story-high atrium of the hotel’s “jungle lobby”. A café is defined by distinctive vintage booths and Soviet-era pendant lamps.

Stamba Hotel Interior Design

Food & Drink Chocolate dreams

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Food & Drink Chocolate dreams

Stamba Chocolaterie & Roastery serves a high-quality selection of coffee created from beans that are roasted on-site.

The coffee menu is offered alongside a choice of handmade artisan chocolate, created with cocoa beans imported from Venezuela, Madagascar, Peru, and Colombia and flavored to complement the coffee.

History Print lives on

Conceived to highlight the 20th century publishing house in which it is situated, Stamba celebrates its industrial past.

The Brutalist framework is filled with nostalgic references to the roaring 1920s and glamorous 1930s, while new touches give the hotel a distinctly contemporary edge.

Stamba Hotel Theme Box 1
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Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“Our primary aspiration is to strengthen Georgian representation, which includes urban transformation, philanthropy, and inclusivity.”



The property is set inside a former Soviet structure with minimal adaptations. The interiors of Stamba feature repurposed, reclaimed, or vintage pieces, including furnishings, rugs, and various décor elements.



Waste is sorted and disposed of appropriately. The hotel collaborates with a company that recycles used cooking oil, glass, paper, and aluminum cans into new products.



The hotel uses eco-friendly appliances and minimizes electricity usage to lower its footprint.


Products & Produce

Stamba benefits from the Adjara Group’s large farm, which provides most of the produce the hotel needs for its restaurants. The hotel grows herbs and microgreens in its interior vertical farm.



Stamba has invested in numerous cultural initiatives, including Oxygen – Biennial of Contemporary Arts, Propaganda: an in-house arts council organization, Tbilisi Photography and Multimedia Museum, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, and more.



Stamba regularly promotes no-luxury getaways, in-country tours, historically aware excursions, various mindfulness programs, and wellness with nature.



A dedicated bus transports staff to and from work. The hotel also encourages slow travel through its guest communications.


Healthy Workplace

Adjara Group won the Corporate Responsibility Award category Gender Equality (SDG 5). Its project, Strengthening Gender Equality, was named the best among 15 other projects that were selected for the second round.


Measure & Communication

The hotel’s events, marketing campaigns, and PR activities regularly speak of sustainability, community building, and mutual responsibility within political, cultural, and environmental fields.

Follow the conscious journey

This hotel is featured in Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book.

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Georgia’s First Indoor Vertical Farm

Meet Tusya Gharibashvili, a young and innovative entrepreneur, who developed the first urban vertical farming project in Georgia.

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Stamba Hotel
14 Merab Kostava Street
Tbilisi 0108

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Stamba Hotel
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