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S Rastrello Boutique Hotel Panicale Italy
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  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant, bar

  • Conference & Meetings

    Small, intimate, informal spaces

  • Food & Drink

    Restaurant, bar

  • Conference & Meetings

    Small, intimate, informal spaces

This fully restored 14th-century palazzo on the border of Umbria and Tuscany captures the natural beauty, rich history, and organic goodness of the Italian countryside.

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Rastrello Boutique Hotel Rooms

Architecture David Morini, Pelizzari Studio

Rastrello Boutique Hotel Architecture

Architecture David Morini, Pelizzari Studio

This 10-room palazzo from the 14th century was lovingly brought to life by Pelizzari Studio, which specializes in historical renovations.

The building is a historically accurate representation of architecture from 500 years ago, a time when confined medieval-style spaces gave way to more expansive ones. Original stone walls and structural elements, such as beams and ironwork, honor the timeless feel of the region. All rooms were organically crafted to face the valley, offering stellar meditative views of nearby Lake Trasimeno. A complimentary aperitif can be enjoyed while watching the sunset from the hotel’s garden.

Interior design Claudia Pelizzari, Pelizzari Studio

Custom-made local furniture, travertine marble, Pietra Serena sandstone, bricks, beams, and ironwork create both a contemporary and timeless feel.

Using a color palette inspired by the landscapes of the Umbrian countryside, designer Claudia Pelizzari created guestrooms that are each different in style and feel, yet that still adhere to a larger, old-world Umbrian universality. The design approach is a direct result of the restoration, which creates a symbiosis between age-old materials and contemporary elements. Seasonal exhibitions by local artists and a Renaissance-style garden, pruned as it would have been 500 years ago, complete the inspiring setting.

Rastrello Boutique Hotel Interior Design
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The Originals Christiane Wassmann

This was always where we came. It was our refuge.

Read her story

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Food & Drink Old World and Organic

Rastrello Cucina & Giardino celebrates its setting in the historic center of Panicale with farm-to-table organic fare...

prepared by celebrated regional chef Nicola Fanfano. The menu is closely linked to the region and thus dictated by the seasonality of each ingredient, including what is harvested daily from the hotel’s gardens. The open kitchen produces fresh, organic cuisine, with diners set on a panoramic garden terrace in the warmer months. Special meals are periodically crafted from recipes developed by elderly locals. Breathtaking views of the valley and Lake Trasimeno can be had year-round. A welcoming lounge, meanwhile, is a place to quietly enjoy breakfast, a glass of wine, a midnight snack, or a relaxed moment in the day.

Offbeat Destinations Umbria in all its beauty

Rastrello Boutique Hotel Theme Box 02 Destination

Offbeat Destinations Umbria in all its beauty

Set on a hilltop town overlooking a valley, the hotel captures the verdant-meets-timeless essence of Umbria.

Recognized as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Panicale caters to world travelers who want an authentic Italian experience—true village life far from the big city. Though small, the village is home to several fine restaurants and cafes, and set close to such lovely Umbrian towns as Perugia, Assisi, Orvieto, Solomeo, Montefalco, Gubbio, and Deruta. The celebrated villages of Tuscany are also close at hand.

Food & Drink Olive pure

A small rake used to pick olives by hand, “rastrello” is the perfect namesake for the hotel, which produces premium extra virgin olive oils from its olive grove.

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Rastrello Boutique Hotel Theme Box 03 Food And Drink 2
Rastrello Boutique Hotel Theme Box 03 Food And Drink 3

Sustainability Keeping an eye on our Conscious Hotel Principles

“Our philosophy is to be conscious about how we plant, purchase, consume, and discard everything that we need.”

Icon Architecture (1)


Throughout the renovation, the team worked to honor and highlight the original 500-year-old structure by hiring local craftsmen, repurposing material, and using traditional building methods.

Icon Waste (1)


The hotel is striving to become 100% plastic-free. Waste is recycled and kitchen waste is composted or fed to the chickens. Eggshells and coffee grounds are used as a fertilizer in the gardens.

Icon Energy (1)


During renovations, Rastrello took great care to source the most efficient lighting and machinery possible.

Icon Water (1)


There are no plastic bottles on the premises. Instead, the hotel uses refillable glass water bottles throughout. There is a water recycling system and water collection system on the farm.

Icon Productsproduce (1)

Products & Produce

The hotel grows vegetables, fruits, and herbs in its gardens. Flour and grains are from local, organic, non-GMO farmers and cheeses and meats are sourced as locally as possible. Wine is only from local wineries that the owners know personally.

Icon Culture (1)


Set in the historic center, Rastrello aims to be a positive and active member of the local community. The hotel features rotating art exhibitions that showcase local artists and offers an artist rate to encourage artists to stay at the hotel.

Icon Recreation (1)


From the hotel, guests can hike up Mount Petrarvella or rent bicycles to ride through the hills or around Lake Trasimeno. In the fall, guests are welcome to participate in the olive or grape harvest.

Icon Accessability (1)


Chiusi-Chianciano, one of the most central train stations in Italy, is a 25-minute drive from the hotel. The hotel encourages guests to take the train instead of renting a car.

Icon Healthyworkplace (1)

Healthy Workplace

Rastrello only hires local team members and supports them by paying for language or industry studies to help them further their careers. The hotel promotes equality and positive communications.

Follow the conscious journey

This hotel is featured in Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book.

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Via Grossi 10
Panicale 06064

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