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Incubating future movements in travel and culture

Neuroaesthetics—Design for the Mind

A cultural study exploring the vast potential of neuroaesthetics in design

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Further Forecast 2024

New movements in hospitality, art, design, technology, and beyond

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Further assembles creative minds in deep research, conversation, and collaboration through community-led gatherings to define undocumented shifts shaping our world.

Further Thoughts

Further Insights Page Interviews With Shane Oflaherty (1)

Further Thoughts

Unlocking the Power of Chat GPT for Hotels

ChatGPT is wowing the world, and the hotel industry is no exception. What does one of its key advocates think of its impact on smaller businesses?

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Further Thoughts

AI, design, and the future of creativity

Space10 and Panter & Tourron reflect on the role of AI in design, and how they’ve used it to push the boundaries of modern living needs.

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Past Editions

Further Lisbon


Facing Hyperreality

We came to Lisbon, Europe’s epicenter of innovation, to see what this soulful city can teach us about how to step into the new digital world while staying rooted in our own.


Further Crete


Circle Back Circle Forward

There is a reason we’re here on this ancient land where we gather the creators who look to traditions, heritage, and indigenous knowledge and incorporate this wisdom into better, more conscious practices.


Further Marrakesh


The Artist and the Artisan

In collaboration with La Pause Residency, Further Marrakech asked what it means to be an artist or an artisan—and what happens when such practitioners come together in the act of creation.


Further Tokyo


Urban Futures

Further brought a group of architects, hoteliers and place-makers from across the Asian continent to Tokyo to explore new ideas about urban living and the cities of tomorrow.


Further Kazbegi


The Magic Mountain

Further climbs high into the Georgian Caucasus to explore wellbeing, consciousness, and the mind-body connection.


Further Jenner

Sonoma Coast

The Expanding Artist

A group of rising musicians takes over a storied 1960s-era artists colony on California’s Sonoma Coast.