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Concious Hotel Twelve Senses Retreat 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Twelve Senses Retreat

This intimate Californian hideaway is a living testament to natural, sustainable, and recycled materials.

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BP Cervo Panel Food Sustainability Header

Conscious Future

This Sustainability Manager is Optimistic

We interviewed Madeleine Dias de Rezende, Sustainable Development Manager at Zermatt’s Cervo Mountain Resort, about the hotel’s inspiring culinary program, her learnings, her challenges, and why she’s optimistic about the future.

Concious Hotel Carlota 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Carlota

Ecuador’s first certified B Corporation hotel has had sustainability at its heart from the outset.

MBO Patina Maldives Marcio Kogan Thumb


Marcio Kogan

“One of the main goals of our project was to hide it,” the renowned Brazilian architect tells us of Patina Maldives, Fari Islands.

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Jeddah’s New Creative Spirit

The recently opened House Hotel Jeddah City Yard is a one-stop destination for the creative community and a fascinating starting point to modern Saudi Arabia.

BP Foggy Destinations Teaser 2


10 Meditative Foggy Destinations

Have you ever been enveloped in a blanket of fog and imagined yourself in outer space? These wonderlands may be the only way for some of us to ever have a cosmic experience.

01 MBO Cervo Mountain Resort Daniel Lauber Seraina Lauber Header Portrait (2)


Daniel & Seraina Lauber

Following an eight-month renovation that began in summer 2020, Cervo Mountain Resort in Zermatt, Switzerland, has become a showcase for sustainability with a new well-being philosophy that calls upon practices from around the world to heal body, mind, and spirit.

Concious Hotel Carlota 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Cervo Mountain Resort

Cervo’s design and activities encourage visitors to forge a connection with nature, one that lasts long after the train ride home.

BP Cervo Panel Recap Header

Conscious Future

Why the Only Way Forward Is Sustainable and Purposeful

If you are truly environmentally conscious, does it make sense to travel at all anymore? What is happening at the intersection of architecture and consciousness currently? Read on to find out where we stand and where we're headed.

BP Patina Maldives 001


An Artful Voyage Through Patina Maldives

Who isn’t inspired by paradise? The arresting works of legendary American artist James Turrell, renowned Brazilian photographer Cássio Vasconcellos, and New York-based textile artist Hiroko Takeda, among others, at Patina Maldives, Fari Islands is proof that nature is the grandest muse.

BP Walking Meditation 00 Header

Conscious Future

How to Make Any Walk a Meditation

On a long walk together, we spoke with spirituality teacher Conor Creighton about how to make any walk—whether through the city, the country, or an entirely new destination—a moment for mindfulness.



Nine Art-rich Hotels

These breathtaking gems invite you to sleep, eat, relax among masterpieces that provoke, excite, soothe, or set you dreaming.



The Design Diaries — Maria Jeglinska-Adamczewska

The industrial designer’s fresh take has earned a spot on the global design stage but her heart beats for the local scene back home in Warsaw.