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DH Conscious Eye Dos Casas 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Dos Casas Hotel & Spa

Set in an 18th-century structure in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, Dos Casas is deeply rooted in its UNESCO World Heritage-listed surroundings.

Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book

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01 SP Runo Hotel (1)


An Old Finnish Tale Told Anew

The new Runo Hotel Porvoo, just an hour’s drive from Helsinki, is a study in how to transform an historic building into a relaxed elegant contemporary space without losing its soul.

001 MBO Minos Art Beach (1)


Gina Mamidakis

She set out to promote Greek culture, the work of Cretan artists, and her homeland’s rich cultural experiences. The result is a beautiful success.

01 BP Well Being Destinations Hotel Schwazschmied Pool KV


Six Wellness Destinations That Go Beyond the Spa

A deep breath and a reverberating ooommmm can set a lot of things right, but a change of scene and a well-thought-out wellness program can do miracles.

Concious Hotel Tribe 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Tribe Hotel

Tribe sees us all as part of one tribe—humankind—and aims to foster both inclusivity and respect for the natural surroundings.

001 BP Architecture Of Health Header


Architecture of Health: Modernism as a Tool for Healing

The idea of health and hygiene was one of key topics influencing the development of modern architecture in the 20th century. An obsession with a clean modern environment might be an inspiration for our post-pandemic life too.

Mbo Rote Wand Culture Teaser


Josef Martin Walch & Natascha Walch

Once a small guesthouse, today Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel is a culinary wonder. Meet the visionaries who honored the property’s legendary, small-town past by boldly moving it onto the world stage.

001 BP Rastrello


Homegrown at Rastrello, Umbria

Nine hundred olive trees surround the Wassmann family home in the Umbrian village of Panicale, most of them over four hundred years old. These ancient trees play an essential role at Rastrello.

001 BP Under The Open Sky


Under the Open Sky Exhibition April 28 to May 1, 2022

If you’re in Berlin, the Under the Sky exhibition seeks to raise funds for humanitarian organizations and civilian initiatives in Ukraine. Artists Masha Reva and Ivan Grabko explore the impact of war in their country.

Concious Eye STRAF 02

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — STRAF

In the heart of Milan’s historic center, fashion designer Vincenzo de Cotiis transformed a 19th-century palazzo into a destination that is both style- and eco-conscious.

01 SP Parkhotel Mondschein


Urban Healing in Bolzano

Come spring, taking its cue from the surrounding city of Bolzano, Parkhotel Mondschein will offer its guest the highest quality of life in a breathtaking mountain setting with a modern Body and Mind studio and a variety of culinary delights.

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Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book

Introducing Taste and Place: The Design Hotels Book. In a first for us, we have used our annual anthology to undertake a broad and inclusive exploration of a single topic: food.

SP Dr Wilkinsons Overview Teaser


Mud Wellness in Napa Valley

Our newest member hotel, Dr. Wilkinson’s Backyard Resort & Mineral Springs sets the stage for the ultimate wellness treatments against a jaw-dropping backdrop of majestic mountains sloping down to a sun-dappled valley.