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Design Hotels Employee Rate

  • Up to 50% off BAR

  • Up to 50% off F&B at select hotels

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Are you planning a trip and looking for a great hotel? We’ve got the campaign for you! As an employee of a Design Hotels member property, you can get up to 50% off the BAR at participating hotels. Furthermore, many of these hotels also grant up to 50% off F&B spendings. So you can have an extra drink at the bar!

To benefit from this program you need to be an employee of a full member of Design Hotels or an employee of Design Hotels GmbH. All full-time or permanent part-time employees who have been employed for at least 90 days are eligible.

A Design Hotels Employee Rate Authorisation Card must be signed by your hotel's General Manager and receive a stamp that signifies your place of employment. This card has to be presented at check-in by the employee whose name appears on the reservation.

Click here to download the Employee Rate Authorization Card

Need to know

  • Employee Rate Program rooms are subject to room allocations and space availability
  • Hotels are not required to make the Employee Rate available more than 45 days in advance
  • The Employee Rate is only applicable to non-business related travel
  • All Employee Rates are subject to applicable taxes and regular service charges and cancellation procedures
  • A maximum of two rooms may be booked per hotel visit for use by the employee and the employee's immediate family. Note: The employee must be in the traveling party for the Employee Rate to apply
  • Once an employee receives a confirmation number for a reservation at the Employee Rate, the hotel may not rescind that rate
Employee Rate
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