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Innit Lombok
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Innit Lombok

Innit Lombok Beachhouse
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Beach House

It’s the ultimate Beach House: on the waterfront with an open-plan living concept where sand is your floor and a beautiful kitchen island that invites long leisurely time over delicious meals.

- 160sqm
- King bed
- Beach view
- Living room
- Kitchen
- Chef for hire
- Rain shower

Each Beach House has 160sqm of living space, consisting of a kitchen and living area on ground floor with immediate access to the beach and two bedrooms on the first floor. The front bedroom enjoys sea views while the back bedroom enjoys hill views. The elegant interiors are soothing in local materials such as stone, wood and terrazzo. While the kitchen island and dining area has everything you need for a feast along with a private chef for hire, the restaurant is a minute’s walk from the beach house and caters to your every need. Sleeps 4.

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Innit Lombok
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