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Market Street Hotel

Market Street Design in Edinburgh
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  • Food & Drink

    Rooftop lounge

  • Architecture

    JM Architects

  • Interior design


  • The Originals

    Christa van Camp & Colin Finnegan

  • Themes

    Offbeat Destinations

  • Food & Drink

    Rooftop lounge

A doorway to Edinburgh’s heart and history, Market Street Hotel is poised between Old Town and New Town to let guests experience this forward-thinking city with its strong roots in the past.

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Architecture JM Architects

Market Street Design in Edinburgh

Architecture JM Architects

The hotel sits behind a façade of Scottish stone where Edinburgh’s historic Old Town meets New Town.

The property welcomes guests into an entrance with an expansive wall that pays homage to the dried earth of the “Nor Loch” lake that used to sit at the foot of nearby Edinburgh Castle. Next to the high-ceilinged entrance is an intimate courtyard, while the 7th-floor rooftop Champagne lounge plays host to an open kitchen, a fireplace, and views over the city’s World Heritage skyline.

Interior design FG Stijl

Designed by FG Stijl, the interiors channel a brutal beauty aesthetic inspired by the location’s character and history.

Think “cracked” walls juxtaposed with the minimalistic lines of contemporary furniture and bursts of traditional fabrics, such as tartan used in unexpected ways.

Market Street Design in Edinburgh
Market Street Hotel Made By Originals

The Originals Christa van Camp & Colin Finnegan​

“When guests arrive, they are immediately connected to the heritage of the city.”
Christa van Camp

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United Kingdom

Market Street Hotel
6 Market Street
Edinburgh EH1 1DE
United Kingdom

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