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Casa de São Lourenço

Casa de São Lourenço Design in Manteigas
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  • Food & Drink

    Portuguese cuisine

  • Spa & Recreation

    Pool, sauna, Turkish bath, and treatments

  • Food & Drink

    Portuguese cuisine

  • Spa & Recreation

    Pool, sauna, Turkish bath, and treatments

Sky-high mountain views of a stunning natural park complement heritage artisanal wools, local gastronomy, and iconic and contemporary Portuguese design at Burel Mountain Hotels’ Casa de São Lourenço.

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Architecture Paulo Costa, Patrícia Marques

Casa de São Lourenço Design in Manteigas

Architecture Paulo Costa, Patrícia Marques

The stone and wood building was restored with large windows and wide terraces, connecting one to the mountain scenery.

Originally a simple construction in granite and schist stone, with long eave roofs, Casa de São Lourenço has been enlarged and augmented by architects Paulo Costa and Patrícia Marques through the artful use of masonry and stone. Noteworthy is a new concrete construction that opens up to the south and overlooks the valley, giving the hotel more breadth, as well as a canvas for contemporary design.

Interior design Nuno Gusmão

The hotel’s interior serves in part as a tribute to the burel wool that has been produced here for decades.

Additional regional touchstones include Maria Keil’s pre-existing and refurbished furniture. Each room is unique and designed to inform guests about local traditions, customs, and materials. The light and dark color palette in the public spaces echoes the two types of wool produced by Serra da Estrela sheep, while neutral colors, pine, and the liberal use of burel give the property a local flair.

Casa De Sao Lourenco Interior Design
Casa De Sao Lourenco Made By Originals

The Originals Isabel Costa & João Tomás

“Sometimes journeys go underappreciated—perhaps being overshadowed by the thought of the destination—but every time I drive into or out of the mountains, I’m touched by how special the experience is.”

Isabel Costa

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Food & Drink Above and beyond

Casa De Sao Lourenco Theme Box 01 Food And Drink

Food & Drink Above and beyond

At the hotel’s locally inspired restaurant, the flavors of the Beiras region, seasonal ingredients, and ancestral recipes have been brilliantly reinterpreted by Chef Manuel Figueira.

Enjoy a panoramic view of the Glacier Valley under a ceiling of burel stars. Connected to the restaurant, the terrace at Casa de São Lourenço puts one on the slopes, where a coffee or cocktail is enhanced by the perfumed fragrance of the mountains and a seemingly endless panorama.

Well-being A spa on the mountain

A source of inspiration with rousing views, the spa unites the treasures and treatments of the Serra da Estrela mountains with the traditional wisdoms of the East.

Rejuvenation is paramount at Casa de São Lourenço’s aptly named Panoramic Spa, where oils made from herbs harvested in the mountains are an intricate ingredient in the many massages and treatment available. The goal—to find a balance between body and mind in a soulful environment—is masterfully achieved.

Casa De Sao Lourenco Theme Box 02 Well Being 1
Casa De Sao Lourenco Theme Box 02 Well Being 2
Casa De Sao Lourenco Theme Box 02 Well Being 3

Offbeat Destinations Beauty with purpose

Well-curated hiking routes through the mountains, celebrated drives through historical villages...

a journey into the past and the present at a traditional wool factory—the pathways to discovery and adventure at Casa de São Lourenço are both abundant and wholly unique to this stunning area. Here, you can stroll through a landscape of rye and beech on the ancient trails of shepherds; ascend to great heights on one of the hotel’s all-terrain bikes; refresh yourself in summer at a clear-blue river beach, lake, or lagoon; hit the ski slopes in winter; and so much more.

Casa De Sao Lourenco Theme Box 03 Destination
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Casa de São Lourenço
Estrada Nacional 232, KM 49,3 Campo Romão
Manteigas 6260-200

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