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      19 Hotels & Resorts Found For mexico

      • Acapulco (1)
      • Cuernavaca (1)
      • Ensenada, Baja California (1)
      • Guadalajara (1)
      • Mexico City (4)
      • Monte Gordo (1)
      • Mérida (1)
      • Playa Del Carmen (2)
      • Puebla (1)
      • Puerto Escondido (1)
      • San Miguel De Allende (1)
      • San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey (1)
      • San Rafael (1)
      • Tulum (2)

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      • Acapulco

        Acapulco’s golden days of the 1950s are behind it. But so too it seems are the more recent days of violence. Now glorious golden horseshoe beaches and a push to regain past glory await a new generation of visitors to Acapulco.
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      • Cuernavaca

        It’s little wonder that Cuernavaca is the most popular getaway spot for cultured residents of Mexico City. Here, glorious gardens and spiritual sites are rivaled only by luxury spas and inviting haciendas that have been converted into museums.
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      • Ensenada, Baja California

        People come to Ensenada for Mexico’s best wine, but discover some the most underappreciated food in the country. And oh yes, the fishing here is world class. Just ask the great white sharks.
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      • Guadalajara

        Second only to Mexico City, Guadalajara is alive with culture and a cosmopolitan feel that permeates every art gallery, café, restaurant, and bar in the city. Guadalajara also sees an exciting calendar of events and festivals through the year.
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      • Mexico City

        Long dismissed as dirty and unmanageable, Mexico City is undergoing a grand transformation. Its 15-year Green Plan has cleaned things up tremendously, creating a new vibrancy and attitude that’s put this gem atop many travel critics’ “must-visit” lists.
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      • Mérida

        In Merida, the capital of Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, history is alive—be it the time of the ancient Mayans; or the 19th century, when block after block of houses were built along the city’s grand promenades; or now, when the Merida’s cultural scene is flourishing.
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      • Playa del Carmen

        With its European feel set amid the beachside beauty of the Yucatán Peninsula and the antiquities of the Riviera Maya, Playa del Carmen pulls off that rarest of tricks—it makes a diverse mix of people all feel perfectly welcome.
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      • Puebla

        Mexico's colonial cities are alive with culture—none more so than Puebla, where a glorious cathedral, a bevy of churches, and more than a thousand buildings adorned with painted ceramic tiles enthrall residents and visitors alike.
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      • Puerto Escondido

        If it seems like visitors to Puerto Escondido, on Mexico’s southern Pacific coast, are permanently in the water, there’s a good reason. Here, the surfing is world class, and the diving and sport fishing isn’t far behind.
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      • San Miguel de Allende

        A stunning mix of colonial antiquities, cosmopolitan flair, cobblestone streets, and enchanting eateries, San Miguel de Allende, in Mexico’s heartland, is arguably among one of the world’s great cities.
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      • San Pedro Garza Garcia, Monterrey

        Monterrey, Mexico's third largest city, is set in the spectacular Sierra Madre mountain region of north-west Mexico.
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      • Tulum

        Once known solely as a haven for hippies, Tulum, on the southern tip of the Riviera Maya, has become Mexico's most stylish beach destination.
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      • Veracruz

        The Mexican state of Veracruz is located in the eastern part of the country. Its capital - Veracruz was founded by Hernán Cortés and once used as a port for the treasure ships carrying the local riches to Spain.
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