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Hotel Escondido Oaxaca

Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Design in Oaxaca
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  • Architecture

    Alberto Kalach

  • Interior design

    Lucía Corredor, Cecilia Tena, Carlos Couturier

  • The Originals

    Moisés Micha & Carlos Couturier

The savoir-faire of Oaxacan artisans comes alive at a property that brilliantly combines Old World architecture with modern grandeur.

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Architecture Alberto Kalach

Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Staircase in Oaxaca

Architecture Alberto Kalach

A thinker, builder, and preserver, Alberto Kalach rescued the pre-Hispanic elements of the original colonialist house...

while conjoining it artfully with a new Brutalist build. The old building housing the communal part of the hotel is listed as a historical heritage structure, thus its façade has been fashioned in a manner that preserves the original aesthetics of the late 19th century. The contemporary tower has been added in such a way as to form an organic balance between the old and the modern.

Interior design Lucía Corredor, Cecilia Tena, Carlos Couturier

Recessed stone shelving, elegant archways, wide doorways that reveal handmade tapestries hanging on walls...

a sea of ochres and off-whites—together they create a warm, timeless, and wholly Oaxacan welcome. The entire hotel is custom made and locally conceived. All of the sabino wood furniture has been hand-constructed by master craftsmen. Prominent Oaxacan creatives, meanwhile, are responsible for the visual enchantments that span the property, from uniforms and robes to bedspreads, rugs, and beyond.

Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Design in Oaxaca
Hotel Escondido Oaxaca Made By Originals

The Originals Carlos Couturier & Moisés Micha

“We always read the surroundings and their traditions to integrate local culture into our projects.”
Carlos Couturier

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Hotel Escondido Oaxaca
José María Morelos 401

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    22°C / 72°F