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The Best Boutique Hotels in Oaxaca, Mexico

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Settled by the Dominicans in the 15th century, the city of Oaxaca is a dream for lovers of colonial architecture and champions of authentic, artisanal arts and crafts. Set close to many renowned archaeological sites, the city is a perfect launching-off point for the ruins of Monte Albán, which in pre-Hispanic times was well connected to other important Mesoamerican cities. Areas well worth exploring include the rug weavers in Teotitlán, the black pottery in San Bartolo Coyotepec, and the knife makers of Ocotlán. The village of Santa María El Tule, just outside Oaxaca, is famous for its giant cypress tree. Nearby Etla is an archaeological site that was once the Zapotec capital of the Valles Centrales of Oaxaca and is now home to a renowned market on Wednesdays and a large 16th-century church. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury hotels in Oaxaca.

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4 Hotels