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The Best Boutique Hotels in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Those who are at home in a Mediterranean beach town like Nice will feel especially comfortable in Playa del Carmen, which is perhaps the trendiest of all the Yucatán Peninsula resorts. Here, along the lee side of Cozumel, sophisticated expats and would-be supermodels stroll the town’s pedestrian corridor Quinta Avenida, in and out of beachside lounges, or through the delightful dining and shopping options of La Quinta Avenida. If it were a hotel Playa del Carmen would call to mind an old-world European resort with an exciting new dance club in its basement. Playa, as it’s known, is the prefect mix of cosmopolitan-getaway-mentality meets youthful-renegade-spirit—and all with a distinctly continental feel as many Playa del Carmen hotels and businesses are run by Europeans. The town is also perfect for exploring the limestone ruins of the ancient cities along the Riviera Maya's central coast. Below find a list of our selection of boutique, luxury properties in Playa del Carmen.

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