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  • Archi Riposto (1)
  • Bergamo (1)
  • Bolzano (1)
  • Cassago Brianza, Lake Como (1)
  • Castelrotto (1)
  • Gagliano Del Capo, Puglia (1)
  • La Thuile (1)
  • Lake Como (1)
  • Lana (3)
  • Matera (1)
  • Merano (1)
  • Milan (2)
  • Parrano, Umbria (1)
  • Pienza (1)
  • Rome (3)
  • Santo Stefano Di Sessanio (1)
  • Vals (1)

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  • Bergamo

    With its medieval architecture and cliffhanging views of the Alps and the countryside, Bergamo is not just one of Italy’s best secrets—it is also home to a burgeoning art scene and one of the best culinary traditions in the country.
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  • Cassago Brianza, Lake Como

    An hour from Milan, Lake Como’s undeniable beauty starts with Europe’s deepest lake and extends outwards to the forests, gardens, and finally the Alps. The town itself offers plenty of medieval, renaissance and Victorian beauty.
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  • Gagliano del Capo, Puglia

    With its charming ancient courtyard mansions and baroque churches, stamps of exotic conquerors, wonderful sandy beaches, and food that’s to die for, Puglia, on the southernmost heel of Italy, rightly claims its place in the hearts of Italophiles.
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  • La Thuile

    Deep in the foodie-paradise of Aosta Valley in the Italian Alps, La Thuile is a great year-round adventure sports haven, including heliskiiing, and serves as a base from which to explore French and Italian culture.
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  • Lake Como

    The postcard pretty region of Lake Como still holds on to its the dreamy mystery and old-money gentility in the face of summer crowds.
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  • Matera

    Located in southern Italy, the village of Matera is a fascinating place to discover.
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  • Milan

    Milan is internationally considered one of the world’s centres of fashion, design and opera.
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  • Parrano, Umbria

    A land of incredible natural splendor, Umbria, Italy, is also rich in history. Here, one discovers ancient villages, such as Parrano, built upon Roman ruins amid authentic caves from the Bronze Age and salubrious mineral springs.
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  • Pienza

    As well as being home to the Val d'Orcia Valley, the Tuscan town of Pienza is UNESCO-listed, thanks in part to its Renaissance history and buildings such as Pienza Cathedral.
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  • Rome

    The former capital of an empire, Rome is still the center of the world thanks to its glorious art, architecture, design, food, and wine.
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  • Santo Stefano di Sessanio

    A striking abandoned hilltop town where the buildings have been brought back to life.
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  • Sicily

    Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea; along with surrounding minor islands, it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy, the Regione Siciliana.
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  • South Tyrol

    The autonomous region of South Tyrol has been a crossroads for Italian and Austrian cultural influences for centuries, and most of its inhabitants speak German as their first language.
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