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      • Archi Riposto, Sicily (1)
      • Bergamo (1)
      • Bolzano (1)
      • Bormio (1)
      • Cassago Brianza, Lake Como (1)
      • Florence (1)
      • Lana (1)
      • Matera (1)
      • Milan (1)
      • Naples (1)
      • Porto Ercole, Tuscany (1)
      • Rimini (1)
      • Saint-vincent (1)
      • Santo Stefano Di Sessanio (1)
      • Venice (2)

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      • Archi Riposto, Sicily

        Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea; along with surrounding minor islands, it constitutes an autonomous region of Italy, the Regione Siciliana.
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      • Bergamo

        Bergamo is a charming town in Western Lombardy. The city has two distinctive parts, the Città Alta (Upper City) and the Città Bassa (Lower City), the modern centre of Bergamo.
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      • Bormio

        Bormio is the capital of Valtellina. The area has 4 ski areas with a total of 160 km of slopes and 50 km of cross country tracks.
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      • Cassago Brianza, Lake Como

        Located 40km from Milan and surrounded by a landscape of Mountains and hills Lake Como has been a proven and popular holiday destination for hundreds of years.
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      • Florence

        Florence is the capital of the Italian region of Tuscany, one of the countries prime tourist locations.
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      • Matera

        Located in southern Italy, the village of Matera is a fascinating place to discover.
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      • Milan

        Milan is internationally considered one of the world’s centres of fashion, design and opera.
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      • Naples

        Listed as a world heritage site, the centre of Naples is renowned for the wealth and variety of its historical buildings.
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      • Porto Ercole, Tuscany

        Porto Ercole is a small, charming seaport situated on the scenic peninsula of Monte Argentario on the Tuscany coast.
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      • Rimini

        Rimini, located on the Adriatic Sea, is certainly one of Italy’s most famous seaside resorts and has been a focal point of Italian history since the times of Caesar.
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      • Saint-Vincent

        In northwestern Italy, Saint-Vincent is a popular summer holiday resort with mineral springs and a particularly mild microclimate, earning its nickname as the “Riviera of the Alps.”
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      • Santo Stefano di Sessanio

        A striking abandoned hilltop town where the buildings have been brought back to life.
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      • South Tyrol

        The autonomous region of South Tyrol has been a crossroads for Italian and Austrian cultural influences for centuries, and most of its inhabitants speak German as their first language.
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      • Venice

        Venice, the sinking city, is generally considered one of the most amazing places on earth.
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