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Hotel Greif

Hotel Greif S 01
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  • Food & Drink

    Cocktail bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Off-site pool, hiking, Jacuzzi, massage (in-room), gym

  • Architecture

    Studio Boris Podrecca

  • The Originals

    Franz Staffler

  • Themes


  • Food & Drink

    Cocktail bar

  • Spa & Recreation

    Off-site pool, hiking, Jacuzzi, massage (in-room), gym

In the heart of northern Italy’s rugged beauty, the family-owned Hotel Greif exudes a rare mixture of honored tradition, modernity, and passionate creativity.

Rooms & Suites

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Architecture Studio Boris Podrecca

Hotel Greif House in Bolzano

Architecture Studio Boris Podrecca

In 1993, the complete renovation of Hotel Greif was assigned to the Viennese architect Boris Podrecca.

Beginning at the main entrance, where a transparent steel and glass construction is framed by the antique wood of the original portal, traditional and modern elements blend harmoniously throughout the “new” Hotel Greif.

Interior design A canvas for local creations

The best Italian weaving mills supplied custom-made fabrics and silk curtains, while local artists created works for the suites.

Each room has been furnished with loving attention to detail and features soft handwoven Iranian Gabbeh carpets, oiled and waxed dark brown Wengé wood flooring, modern furnishing made from local maple or burr walnut, and original furniture from the old hotel that has been lovingly restored.

Hotel Greif Couch in Bolzano

The Originals Franz Staffler

“I put my own hands on every facet of the design, conceiving a space to be physically experienced and enjoyed.”

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Hotel Greif Mbo

Offbeat Destinations Where Austria meets Italy

Hotel Greif Theme Box 2

Offbeat Destinations Where Austria meets Italy

Not many towns can claim to have a 5,000-year-old Ice Man resident but Bolzano has one...

chilling in a museum. It is also in Bolzano that Teutonic and Mediterranean flavors blend to create a stunning gateway to the Dolomites.

Art in Focus Match the carpet

Artists from South Tyrol, northern Italy, Austria, and southern Germany each created a piece for a room.

The only condition was that the art had to match the hand-knotted Gabeh carpets in the rooms. Some let their imagination run wild; others wove in personal memories; some have Old Masters at their side.

Hotel Greif Theme Box 1
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Hotel Greif
Piazza Walther
Bolzano 39100

Facts & Facilities

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    17°C / 63°F