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The Best Boutique Hotels in Lake Como, Italy

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The ridiculous beauty of the Lake Como region, with its grand villas, wisteria and hanging bougainvillea, majestic Alpine vistas, and lakeside restaurants, is best appreciated in person. Many wax lyrical about this north Italian lake area and in the spring and summer its home to celebrities and the international jet set. Lake Como hotels imbibe the rich historic tradition present here, including the incredible regional food and wine. Check out the idyllic ancient villages here such as the exquisite Bellagio and Varenna with their medieval architecture, narrow cobble-stoned streets, and delightful local boutiques offering bespoke wares. Getting around from hotels in Como is easy with regular ferry routes. Lake Como also offers a jumping off point for adventure-seekers with wooded hiking trails, sailing, skiing, and wind and kite surfing. For beach lovers, the Lido de Leno’s artificial sandy oasis will hit the spot. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury hotels in the Lake Como area.

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