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Christiane Wassmann

“Especially in the summer, once it gets cool in the evenings, everyone goes to the piazza in the heart of the village.”

Sustainable Hotel Nobis Copenhagen 02

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Nobis Copenhagen

By supporting local producers, Nobis Hotel Copenhagen is able to offer top-quality, seasonal ingredients and minimize its footprint.

001 BP Weaving Myth And Tradition In Crete


Weaving Myth and Tradition in Crete

How are the personal, myth, tradition, and creativity woven into a piece of textile? We spoke with Katerina Nikolaou, the curator of Cretan Malia Park’s exhibition “Womanhood: Threads and Traces,” to find out.

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Alexandre Martins

“Nowadays, people in Lisbon are looking to add value—to change the city and the country for the better.”


Jeff Koons Takes On a Greek Slaughterhouse

We spoke with art collector, industrialist, and hotelier Dakis Joannou about the latest exhibition at his DESTE Project Space Slaughterhouse on the Greek island of Hydra.

Concious Eye Slate 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — The Slate

A collaboration between Wichit Na-Ranong, the so-called “father of tourism” on Phuket, and his daughter, Prakaikaew Na-Ranong, The Slate is deeply rooted in the Thai island.

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Capturing the terroir of the Alps in its seasonal cuisine and enhanced through influences from Asia, The Cambrian is the perfect example of how a taste of place is something you have to travel to encounter.

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Edible Masterpieces

Tantalizing temptations that our hotels create with such originality that you’ll be left savoring the taste long after you’ve gone.

Sustainable Hotel Eremito 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Eremito

Eremito, a modern-day monastery made for contemplation in the Umbrian hills, is conscious at its core.

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Seven Autumn Destinations to Fall For

Where to go to ponder fiery foliage, savor the season’s bounty, and above all cherish a contemplative silence to tend to one’s inner garden.

Sustainable Hotel Inhabit A

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On —Kruisherenhotel Maastricht

Through carefully restoring historical buildings and responsibly building new additions, the family-owned Kruisherenhotel Maastricht has worked to make a positive impact on its surroundings from the start.

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Champions of the Creative Female Voice

María Baños and Ida Johansson are the duo behind Muses of Now, a creative women’s movement that only connects 10,000 women worldwide but works with artists of the now for the now.

Conscious Future

Ethical Ecotourism: What to Engage With and What to Avoid

From safaris to conservation experiences, engaging with wildlife—especially the captive kind—carries a responsibility to ensure our presence is positive for the animals and their environment.

Art Prints II Teaser Portrait


The Art Prints Series

The second edition honors the rich, layered stories that simple ingredients can tell.