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Dr. John & Edy Wilkinson

Maki Bara and Rob Kline are bringing fresh energy to the pioneering wellness destination founded by Dr. John and Edy Wilkinson.

Sustainable Hotel Harmon Guest House 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Harmon Guest House

Set in Healdsburg, California Harmon Guest House prides itself on being a steward of its surrounding land and community.

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Island Ways

Minos Beach Art Hotel is the perfect place to explore connectedness with flora and fauna, self-sufficiency and tradition, legacy and legend.

Sustainable Hotel Memmo Baleeira 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Memmo Baleeira

Memmo Baleeira proudly showcases its commitment to using natural resources efficiently, reducing energy and water usage, educating its community, and undergoing an external audit each year.

01 Q&A Rampa Header Portrait


Finding Limits with Berlin Sound Artist Rampa

We chatted to the man behind the genre-defying electronic music label Keinemusik on his evolution as an artist, among other things.

01 Sneak Peak Mamula Island


Montenegro’s Feel-Good Island

Want some adventure but can’t give up on the luxury? Come end of summer, lovers of design, nature, wellness, and culture will be drawn to Mamula Island hotel set in a carefully restored 19th-century fort.

Design Diaries Vivek Vadoliya 01


Celebrating the Forgotten with Vivek Vadoliya

We spotlight the British-Asian photographer and director—a firm favorite at Design Hotels—who talks to us about his upcoming book Mallakhamb, celebrating marginalized or niche communities, and more.

001 BP Pride 2022


Seven Destinations for Pride 2022

Want to show your pride after a two-year hiatus? We’ve selected the wildest, biggest, and most unusual parades from around the world for you to choose from.

01 SP Runo Hotel (1)


An Old Finnish Tale Told Anew

The new Runo Hotel Porvoo, just an hour’s drive from Helsinki, is a study in how to transform an historic building into a relaxed elegant contemporary space without losing its soul.

001 MBO Minos Art Beach (1)


Gina Mamidakis

She set out to promote Greek culture, the work of Cretan artists, and her homeland’s rich cultural experiences. The result is a beautiful success.

01 BP Well Being Destinations Hotel Schwazschmied Pool KV


Five Wellness Destinations That Go Beyond the Spa

A deep breath and a reverberating ooommmm can set a lot of things right, but a change of scene and a well-thought-out wellness program can do miracles.

Concious Hotel Tribe 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Tribe Hotel

Just outside of Nairobi’s sprawling Karura Forest, Tribe Hotel sees us all as part of one tribe—humankind—and aims to foster both inclusivity and respect for our natural surroundings.

001 BP Architecture Of Health Header


Architecture of Health: Modernism as a Tool for Healing

The idea of health and hygiene was one of key topics influencing the development of modern architecture in the 20th century. An obsession with a clean modern environment might be an inspiration for our post-pandemic life too.

Mbo Rote Wand Culture Teaser


Josef Martin Walch & Natascha Walch

Once a small guesthouse, today Rote Wand Gourmet Hotel is a culinary wonder. Meet the visionaries who honored the property’s legendary, small-town past by boldly moving it onto the world stage.