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A Midcentury Eastern European Odyssey in Five Chairs

What makes for good design? Find out with architect Piotr Wisniewski of weStudio, the multidisciplinary creative firm behind the cōmodo hotel.

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Directions Magazine: A New Hedonism

“Whatever it is, don’t be afraid of its plenty. Joy is not made to be a crumb.” — Mary Oliver

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Six Brutalist Beauties in Asia

Reinforced concrete and the barebone aesthetics of this style come together with a lush tropical landscape.

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Michal Tyles

“The art of conversation is one of the things that people seem to be losing in the world today.”

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Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On: Dexamenes

Perched right on the beach of Kourouta in western Greece, Dexamenes, a former winemaking facility, has kept its environmental impact low by extensively reusing original materials.

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The Design Diaries — Andra Matin, Gregorius Supie Yolodi, and Maria Rosantina

How does modernism respond to a tropical context? In the case of Innit Lombok, architects Andra Matin, Gregorius Supie Yolodi, and Maria Rosantina take local materials to create bold new strides in architecture. We had a brief chat with them on working together and their hopes for the future.

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Alan Wong, Aaron Chin, & Jennifer Wang

“We are empowering the locals here with The Luma, a place people can be proud of, a place where they can host their foreign visitors.”

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Cristina Paini

“I want you to leave Rome not as a tourist but as a resident.”

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Journey Podcast: Daniel Lauber on CERVO

“With being sustainable, one side of course is the environmental impact, but the other is about the social impact”.

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Conscious Future

Think Holistically

French filmmaker and environmentalist Gary Bencheghib lives by the motto, “no idea that protects the planet is crazy.” We chatted with him about his journey fighting plastic pollution one river at a time.

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Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Vigilius Mountain Resort

Set in a car-free village in South Tyrol, Italy, Vigilius Mountain Resort is an eco-friendly hideaway with pristine views of the Dolomites.

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Dakis Joannou

“My main interest is to share ideas, engage in dialogue, and offer opportunities for people to see things from a different angle.”

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Journey Podcast: Christiane Wassmann on Rastrello

“The point was always to be as involved in the local community as possible,” Christiane Wassmann says of Rastrello. On this episode of the Our Conscious Journey podcast, she shares how she's forged the connection.