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Autor Rooms Krzysiek Krzysztofiak Thumb


Magdalena Ponagajbo, Michał Pawlik, and Piotr Ręczajski

Poland’s big creative energy, its many inspiring looks, and its leading artistic visionaries come to a small but powerful stage thanks to the driving force of Mamastudio.

DJ Hell Cover 02


Up from the underground with DJ Hell

You know you’ve made a name for yourself when you get sued by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

001 Yannis Bellonias


Yannis Bellonias

Part hotelier and all local, this Santorini native is driven to ensure that his guests experience the island he knew as a boy.

001 Paul Salmon


Paul Salmon

It’s rare for a successful financier to trade his career for a dream, especially if the heart of that dream is about bettering the world around him. Paul Salmon is that rare person.

001 Sigurlaug Sverrisdottir


Sigurlaug Sverrisdóttir

With the game-changing Ion Adventure Hotel in Iceland’s dramatic hinterlands and the Ion City Hotel in Reykjavik, Sigurlaug Sverrisdóttir has dreamed up town and country resorts that are as conscientious as they are irresistible.

010 Erosantorini Pavlos Kontomichalos


Pavlos Kontomichalos

Traveling the world and living in New York and China has made Pavlos Kontomichalos a passionate advocate for his home country.

004 Le Collateral Philippe Schiepan


Philippe Schiepan

A true renegade unafraid to follow his vision wherever it may take him, this newcomer to hospitality set out not to build a hotel, but a life.

00 HEADER DS Casahabita


Have you slept amid Pantone’s color of the year?

Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral, has brightened up our lives in fashion, beauty, electronics, and accessories.

Blog Header Underrated Beaches 1


7 blissful beaches away from crowds

It’s always beach weather somewhere in the world, but for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, come spring, we’re ready with our flip flops, floppy hats, and (ahem) swimsuit bodies. The trick, of course, is finding the best-kept secrets, tranquil beach destinations where you can bliss out crowd-free.

001 The Warehouse Hotel Wee Teng Wen


Wee Teng Wen

Shaping the local lifestyle landscape one hotspot at a time, Wee Teng Wen has forged a path from young upstart with no F&B experience to award-winning tastemaker.

000 Sgoumpopoulos Family Thumb Square


Alexandra, Anastasia, and Konstantinos Sgoumpopoulos

The Sgoumpopoulos siblings believe in the importance of upgrading the historic center of Athens and giving something back to the neighborhood, so they each invested a piece of their personality into their Perianth Hotel.

Image 05 Kruisheren 1


Seven daring door designs

Seven doors that not only do they command attention, they make the simple act of going through one momentous.

004 Blique By Nobis Alessandro Catenacci


Alessandro Catenacci

The driving force behind many of Stockholm’s top hotels, restaurants, and nightclubs isn’t Swedish at all. It’s Italian-born Alessandro Catenacci.

00 Design Threat Garden Header Correct


The secret to gardens by Kit Kemp

A room needs people to come alive. I have a feeling that whenever a door closes, a room visibly sighs and goes to sleep. Maybe that marks the difference between interior design and exterior landscaping: