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02 Further Marfa Gerardo Right


Gerardo Ruiz-Musi

Textile designer Gerardo Ruiz-Musi explores technology, the self, and the concept of truth with his exhibition at Further Marfa.

001 Sunyata Hotel Meili Lai Guoping


Lai Guoping

To translate an intellectual idea into bricks and mortar requires an ability to fine-tune ideas into living poetry. Thankfully, Lai Guoping is a creative spirit who is more than up to the task.

000 Gabriele Salini Francesco Petrucci Thumb


Gabriele Salini & Francesco Petrucci

Their passion for art, history, and Southern Italy not only brought them together, it brought Palazzo Daniele back to life as a living testament to those passions.

00 DH QA Town Hall Da Terra Chefs


A Chef’s Culinary Chronicles — Interview With Rafael Cagali and Paulo Airaudo

Two South American chefs are currently taking London by storm—serving Latin American-inspired dishes with an Italian heart—at the Michelin star Da Terra restaurant in Town Hall Hotel & Apartments.

SML 191011 1281


A Monumental Legacy

Prolific Japanese architect Paul Noritaka Tange is helping to transform the built landscape of Asia, carrying on the work of his father, Kenzō Tange, one of the most significant architects of the 20th century.

01 Further Tokyo Yuta Oka


Yuta Oka

A nomadic approach to life and work is taking root in Japan. With his company InSitu, Yuta Oka is helping pioneer hotels, co-working, and co-living spaces that speak to a new hyper-mobile generation.

Blog Sunyata Botanical Library 01


Sunyata’s Rare Lyrical Library in the Snow Mountain

The hotel’s location—shrouded in myth and mystery and far away from being connected to the world—gives guests a chance to regress to reading, to find clues about Meili’s past and present through the literature.

SML 191010 0536


Akihiro Matsui

How do you increase quality of life within a neighborhood, a district, an entire city? Akihiro Matsui, one of the leading minds behind several pioneering community projects in the Japanese capital, is on a quest to find out.

Blog PS Guide New York 01


Live Like a New York Food Goddess

Our old friend Elettra Wiedemann bursts in breathlessly, pulling the scarf from her swan-like neck and throwing it to the side.

04 Further Tokyo Urban Futures


Urban Futures

Further brought a group of architects, hoteliers and place-makers from across the Asian continent to Tokyo to explore new ideas about urban living and the cities of tomorrow.

Design Diaries Stamos Hondrodimos


The Design Diaries — Stamos Hondrodimos

In the simplicity of Interior Design Laboratorium’s projects, one can always sense a quiet luxury emanating from the flawless functional design and the excellent quality of materials.

234 DS Townhall


Five Stunning Historical Conversions

In the ruins of all that was before lies reason. And so, in order to understand the present, we need to look to the past.


The Magic Mountain

Further climbs high into the Georgian Caucasus to explore wellbeing, consciousness, and the mind-body connection.

5Dfb879d147ea61bfdfc12a0 01 Further Kazbegi Kamilla Reight


Kamilla Seidler

Named “Latin America’s Best Female Chef” for her pioneering take on Bolivian cuisine, the Noma alumna is bringing her progressive culinary philosophy back to her native Denmark.