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Mastering Materiality with Deglan Studios


01 DH Homestory With Deglan KV

Words Vidula KotianDate 19 June 2024

Berlin-based creatives Falko Landenberger and Domenic Degner of Deglan Studios have had a meteoric rise in the realm of collectible design. Their meticulously handmade furniture, crafted from intriguing materials like lime plaster and burnt wood—inspired by traditional Italian plastering techniques and the ancient Japanese art of Shou Sugi Ban—begs to be touched.

Each piece radiates a unique warmth, transforming any space into a showcase of tactile beauty and artistic mastery. The “minimalist” label often assigned to the dynamic duo’s interior architecture might seem fitting at first glance, but as Landenberger clarifies, there’s more depth: “Our spaces aren’t cluttered,” he says, “yet we hope that they still make people feel warm and welcome. It’s not just sparse, cold settings; we incorporate a thoughtful mix of black oak and warm materials for inviting contrasts.”

From their stunning apartment in the Wedding district, the pair discussed the importance of embracing imperfection, the luxury of choice in life, and favorite local spots that make their neighborhood truly special.

02 DH Homestory With Deglan Interior Design Table

Showcasing Boulder low table at Design Miami

03 DH Homestory With Deglan Table Detail

Boulder is elegantly crafted in wood with a pigmented Venetian plaster finish

Tell us about your creative practice.

Falko Landenberger: Domenic and I began collaborating on unique, handcrafted items for the Lilian von Trapp jewelry store, creating pieces that visibly showcased the crafting process.

We’re both architects but we never fully embraced that identity, leading us naturally into interior and object design. We’ve always had a penchant for working with our hands. The response to our furniture pieces was great. Then we had another interior project, Chi Chi Club in Hamburg, where we designed the interiors and the objects all-in-one—a gesamtkunstwerk. We founded Deglan in January 2023 and, due to the strong interest in our furniture, soon focused more on collectible design.

Currently, we’re represented by the Charles Burnand Gallery, in London, and have showcased at Design Miami, in L.A. Our clients are mainly international, particularly in the U.S. and the U.K., where there is a greater appreciation for collectible design and recognition of its value beyond that of mass-produced items.

04 DH Homestory With Deglan Lilian Von Trapp Store Interior Design

At the Lilian von Trapp store, the natural materials of the shelves and the sink are complemented by two upholstered vintage armchairs from B&B Italia

05 DH Homestory With Deglan Lilian Von Trapp Store Interior Design

The greenstone block serves as both a table and storage furniture at the von Trapp store

06 DH Homestory With Deglan Lilian Von Trapp Store Wooden Bench Detail

Custom-designed oak bench using the Shou Sugi Ban technique

Is limestone your main material?

FL: We’ve worked with limestone plaster—comprised of marble and limestone—from the start. We’ve also utilized oak, employing a Japanese woodworking technique called Shou Sugi Ban, where the wood is burned, brushed, and oiled to water- and insect-proof the furniture, enhancing the grain’s structure. Recently, we started using a cold metal finish, applying and then sanding metal.

The apartment we bought was fully renovated by us. Domenic, who is skilled in plastering techniques, plastered all the walls in limestone and became more immersed in the history and techniques of Italian Stucco Veneziano and its possibilities for furniture. We realized we could use the plaster for other pieces as well since it has depth and gives the room a special atmosphere.

Domenic Degner: This is when we developed our own ideas around interior design. We transitioned from architecture to interior architecture and design. We’ve always felt the need to strike a balance because focusing solely on interior design can become merely decorative and quickly go out of style. On the other hand, if you only focus on interior architecture, you might end up designing inanimate, soulless pieces that lack atmosphere.

07 DH Homestory With Deglan Home Apartment Living Room

In the duo's Wedding apartment, both the massive coffee table in lime plaster and the lamp are their original designs

08 DH Homestory With Deglan Home Apartment Living Room Table

The Flexform sofa and armchairs were upholstered in mohair by the designers

09 DH Homestory With Deglan Home Apartment Kitchen

Degner and Landenberger installed natural stone in their kitchen

Your pieces embrace slight imperfections. What draws you to these imperfect qualities?

FL: In interiors with industrially produced items, often you don’t see aging and the materials are mostly veneer. This is why we are drawn to pieces that are slightly imperfect and visibly handcrafted, rather than perfectly machine-drilled or shaped. You might notice variations in thickness or flatness, giving the surface a unique character that speaks to you.

It is also important for us to find a middle ground—not completely handmade to the point of dysfunction. Handcrafted doesn’t necessarily mean imperfect; rather, it’s about recognizing that a piece was made by a human, not a machine. It’s a craft honed over centuries, constantly adapted and refined. The pieces we design are made by hand, but we’re still perfectionists in our approach. It’s perfectly imperfect in a way.

“Handcrafted doesn’t necessarily mean imperfect; rather, it’s about recognizing that a piece was made by a human, not a machine.”

Falko Landenberger

Handcrafting the Boulder dining table

11 DH Homestory With Deglan Home Apartment Kitchen Dining Table

The dining table was specially crafted by the pair for this room and is surrounded by Cassina chairs

What emotions do you hope to inspire in people when they enter a space you’ve designed?

DD: Our hope is to surprise people with our designs, making them feel as if they’ve entered a different world. For instance, Berlin’s Kurfürstenstrasse, where the von Trapp store is located, is a rough area, yet inside the store, it feels unexpected. Our apartment, in Wedding, also breaks the mold, as it is designed to feel more like a house.

Visitors are often intrigued by the materials we use; they don’t initially recognize the lime plaster, but they’re drawn to its warm, soft texture. Even professionals are pleasantly surprised by it. The Stucco Veneziano and burnt oak techniques gives our pieces a timeless, possibly vintage look that blurs the lines between new and old.

12 DH Homestory With Deglan Chi Chi Club Facade Store View

Chi Chi Club beauty store in Hamburg is a gesamtkunstwerk by Deglan Studios

13 DH Homestory With Deglan Chi Chi Club Interior Design

A monolithic daybed handcrafted by Landenberger and Degner

14 DH Homestory With Deglan Vaders Dye Interior Design Tables

Vaders.Dye Tattoo studio entrance with a curved V-shaped bench and low amorphous coffee tables

Deglan's foray into metal

Do you have any weekend rituals?

DD: Our weekends are about staying active with CrossFit or rowing, and driving to this huge dog park with a lake in Grunewald, where our big dog meets her brother. In general, we’ve always enjoyed exploring every part of the city, whether cycling or driving to new places, going to Potsdam, or shopping for great food at Frische Paradies or Feinkost Lüske.

FL: We’ve become tamer, focusing on quality time—enjoying long walks with our dog, followed by an Aperol Spritz in Mitte, or exploring the side streets around Ku’damm and lunching at nice spots. We also meet friends and attend parties, but our favorite ritual involves people watching, enjoying good food, buying flowers, and so on.

16 DH Homestory With Deglan Home Portrait

Domenic Degner and Falko Landenberger with their dog Alba

17 DH Homestory With Deglan Vaders Dye Lamp Interior Detail
18 DH Homestory With Deglan Chi Chi Club Interior Design Table Furniture
19 DH Homestory With Deglan Table Bench

3 Top Tips for Wedding


It’s the Tiergarten of Wedding—a huge, nice park that’s always very quiet. 


It’s the sister restaurant of Ernst, which has a Michelin star. Dinner there is an indulgence, but usually, we go for good coffee and French toast in the morning. We love the contrast—the diverse crowd in and around the place is perfect for people watching.

Café Pförtner

Located on the famous art studio campus "Uferhallen" next to the Panke River, this small restaurant has really good lunch options. It was one of the first places to open when everyone thought “Wedding is up and coming” 10 years ago.

What is your greatest extravagance?

DD: Working all the time doesn’t feel like work to us. To me, this is freedom.

FL: Being free to choose how we spend our days is vital. For instance, we might drive to the countryside to buy wood and spontaneously decide to stay longer and jump into a lake, even if it means working on the weekend. Having a car is a game changer, providing the freedom and flexibility to move. In the winter, taking lots of baths becomes our favorite activity—the bathtub is the most used piece in our apartment.

20 DH Homestory With Deglan Dog
21 DH Homestory With Deglan Home Apartment Bathroom

Behind the mirrors, Degner and Landenberger created hidden storage by specially relocating the wall

Wedding apartment images Eric Petschek
Von Trapp store and Chi Chi Club images Piet-Albert Goethals
Design Miami image Peter Baker

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