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Top Six Must-Sees at the 3daysofdesign Festival

Happenings, Food, Guide

Words Nina NørgaardDate 11 June 2024

The Copenhagen-based 3daysofdesign festival returns for its 11th edition from June 12 to 14. We asked local glass artist Nina Nørgaard for her top tips on making the most of this year’s thrilling lineup.

This edition’s theme, “Dare to Dream,” showcases the innovation of over 400 participating brands, designers, and artisans. Explore Nørgaard’s handblown creations at the festival with brands like &Drape and Galleri Feldt, along with SPCE.LOVE, and through an open house (by appointment) at her studio. Here are her recommendations.

“Previously, the fair took place in September. It has now been moved to the start of the summer, adding joy and vibrancy with many outdoor events.”

Nina Nørgaard

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Galleri Feldt and SPCE.LOVE’s exhibition showcasing Nørgaard’s glass creations

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Galleri Feldt brings modern Scandinavian design and contemporary art together



Galleri Feldt and

Nordre Toldbod 23-25, 1259 Copenhagen

In collaboration with SPCE.LOVE, Galleri Feldt presents “A Dialogue Between Contemporary Art and Design and Danish Modernism,” featuring a group of contemporary artists, such as Sarah Becker, Rodrigo Bravo, and me.


Pop-up space

Tullinsgade 21 (located beneath the FØTEX sign), Copenhagen

I recently launched a new design for Holmegaard glass factory and relaunched a piece called “Nina Coupe” in new colors. We will showcase the collection on 13 and 14 June along with updated editions of the Willo Perron Sausage Sofa, crafted with Our Legacy workshop residual fabrics and manufactured by BD Barcelona.

3Daysofdesign NN 04

Nørgaard crafts the “Nina Coupe” in fresh colors for Holmegaard

3Daysofdesign NN 05

The reimagined “Nina Coupe” showcases her glassblowing artistry

&Drape Studio

Frederiksgade 1, 1265 Copenhagen

The made-to-measure curtain brand &Drape showcases a new exhibition “Contrast Poetry” in collaboration with stylist Merete Vyff. The installation studies how sculptural textiles, hand-sculpted objects, and contrasting textures together shape atmospheres. I will be showcasing my designs alongside Atelier 1991 and Josefine Hell.


Galleri Montan

Bredgade 10, 1260 Copenhagen

My talented glass artist friends, Bjørn Friborg and Hanna Hansdotter, will be showcasing their work in the duo exhibition “Purple Works” at Galleri Montan.

3Daysofdesign NN 07 A
3Daysofdesign NN 07 B
3Daysofdesign NN 06

Danish glass artist Bjørn Friborg’s works at Galleri Montan

Home in Heven x The Ordinary

Ofelia Plads, Kvæsthusbroen, 1250 Copenhagen

The Brooklyn-based artists Breanna Box and Peter Dupont of Home in Heven are crafting a unique glass installation at Ofelia Plads that turns everyday objects into a visual spectacle. Imagine a glass box featuring mouth-blown sinks, shelves, mirrors, and even a monstrous towel hanger.



Fredericiagade 57, 1310 Copenhagen

They always do nice projects and there’s always a good gang of people around. This year FRAMA’s Copenhagen spaces feature an exhibition, COLLAGE, in collaboration with Toogood, which explores the intersection of art, design, food, and people. To accompany the exhibition, they are also producing a limited-edition collaborative collection.

3Daysofdesign NN 08 (1)

Toogood x FRAMA’s limited-edition collaborative collection

3Daysofdesign NN 09 (1)

The COLLAGE exhibition eschews space, brand, and industry norms in favor of creative expression

3Daysofdesign NN 10 (1)

Places to Hang Out

3Daysofdesign NN 08

Italo Caffe serves modern Italian crafted with organic ingredients

3Daysofdesign NN 09

Behind the scenes at Italo Caffe

3Daysofdesign NN 10

Rosforth & Rosforth is a hidden gem in Copenhagen



Italo Thai and Caffe

A great all-day spot with a good vibe, and if you are lucky, there might be an afterparty. It’s not in the city center, but it’s worth a visit.



Rosforth & Rosforth

Under the Knippelsbro bridge, this hidden gem has a large collection of natural wines. It’s on the sunny side of the harbor in the evening, making it a beautiful spot to sit.



Apotek 57

At FRAMA’s eatery by chef Chiara Barla, experience a blend of disciplines and perspectives while dining throughout the space, featuring layered tables, surfaces, and screens.

3Daysofdesign NN 11 A
3Daysofdesign NN 11 B
3Daysofdesign NN 11 C
3Daysofdesign NN 12

Apotek 57’s Chiara Barla has a flair for aesthetically pleasing visuals

&Drape image @anddrape
Bjørn at Galleri Montan image Anders Bøggild
Toogood x FRAMA images John William

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