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04 DH Where To Go


Where to Go Late Summer

To help you get inspired, we asked the inveterate travelers of Design Hotels where they’re headed.


Circle Back Circle Forward

Further Greece assembled some of the world’s brightest minds to collectively ask: What can we learn from the past before it’s too late?

Conscious Eye Rastrello 02 (1)

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Rastrello

On the border of Umbria and Tuscany, the eight-room Rastrello embodies the rich history and organic sensibilities of the Italian countryside.

02 DH Design Diaries Alberto Kalach


The Design Diaries — Alberto Kalach

One of the most prolific and versatile architects in Mexico today, Alberto Kalach is leading the way in craft-like architecture that is equal parts structure and flourishing natural landscape. Read his interview here.

01 Best Of Pools Hotel Terrestre Architecture Pools KV


Seven of the Best Pools

Dive headfirst into these seven stunning aqueous spots, from horizon-edge infinity views, a lake-like oasis, to an iconic rooftop, and beyond, and you will stay chilled while the temperatures soar.

Conscious Future

Will Biomaterials Build Our Future?

We spoke with leading designers, architects, and innovators about some of the most inspiring biomaterials that we can already use to build and create today.

Conscious Eye Runo 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Runo Hotel Porvoo

At Runo Hotel Porvoo, set in an idyllic coastal town an hour outside of Helsinki, sustainability is about preserving history and heritage.

01 Sneak Peak Vocabolo Moscatelli


The Umbrian Good Life

With Vocabolo Moscatelli, our latest opening in Umbria, a former Chef Concierge from some of Switzerland’s top hotels finally builds the boutique hotel he’s been dreaming of.


Reconnecting with the Land at Pnoēs

At our newest Greek paradise on the isle of Tinos, the three-villa property Pnoēs Tinos brings the flavors and history of the island to the hotel through smell, taste, and sight.

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Dr. John & Edy Wilkinson

Maki Bara and Rob Kline are bringing fresh energy to the pioneering wellness destination founded by Dr. John and Edy Wilkinson.

Sustainable Hotel Harmon Guest House 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Harmon Guest House

Set in Healdsburg, California Harmon Guest House prides itself on being a steward of its surrounding land and community.

DH22 Culture Journal DHB22 Minos Image 00 Header


Island Ways

Minos Beach Art Hotel is the perfect place to explore connectedness with flora and fauna, self-sufficiency and tradition, legacy and legend.

Sustainable Hotel Memmo Baleeira 01

Conscious Future

Our Conscious Eye On — Memmo Baleeira

Memmo Baleeira proudly showcases its commitment to using natural resources efficiently, reducing energy and water usage, educating its community, and undergoing an external audit each year.

01 Q&A Rampa Header Portrait


Finding Limits with Berlin Sound Artist Rampa

We chatted to the man behind the genre-defying electronic music label Keinemusik on his evolution as an artist, among other things.