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A Crafty New Tale in Indonesia

The new Cap Karoso, coming to the Indonesian island of Sumba, uses age-old crafts in new, interesting ways to stunning effect. Welcome to ancient modern.


The Artist and the Artisan

From generations-old glass blowing workshops and ceramic studios to a modern desert oasis, Further Marrakech in collaboration with La Pause Residency asked what it means to be an artist or an artisan—and what happens when such practitioners come together in the act of creation.

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The Design Diaries — Fernando Laposse

London-based Mexican designer Fernando Laposse transforms humble natural materials into refined design pieces while making an enchanting case for biological biodiversity, empowering local communities, and most of all respecting nature.

Further Marrakech Mbarek Bouhchichi 00 Header


Rewriting the Archive

M’Barek Bouhchichi is unlearning the Euro-centric history he was taught in favor of understanding and documenting his country’s context, history, and people through his artistic practice.

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Seduced by Nature

Running in a nearly dried-out riverbed moved Lena Marie Emrich to create glass-plated photographs and bondage-inspired leather sculptures.

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Seaweed Futures

Australian creative practitioners Jessie French and Lichen Kelp have a new future in mind—one full of seaweed. Further Marrakech met them during their residency at La Pause, where they researched red algae that’s specific to Moroccan coast and turned it into reusable bioplastic.

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Sonic Branding With Claire Marie

With an extensive palette of genres from disco and house to funk and electro, Claire Marie Rutledge has an unprecedented gift in curating soundtracks for her clients at the female talent agency, Les Filles. We chat with her about all things music.

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Palma’s New Brand of Scandinavian Cool

Opening this June, Concepció by Nobis brings together the Scandinavian cool of Swedish architecture firm Wingårdhs with the warm Mediterranean feel of local artisanship in Palma de Mallorca.

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The Art of Creation

On the occasion of Further Marrakech, Souidi and Mohamed Arejdal spoke about the development of Morocco’s art scene, the separation between the “artist” and the “artisan,” and why such a distinction shouldn’t exist.

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Spring Greens

If you’ve ever wanted to play with bold colors in your interiors and didn’t know how, here is a masterclass by the queen of mixing prints and patterns, Kit Kemp on Spring Greens.

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Passing the Baton

In the context of Further Marrakech, we sat down with Kabbaj to discuss the expansion of Morocco’s art world and the mission of the biennale, along with the challenges it faces.

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Eremito’s Monastic Mediterranean Recipes

Get the healthiest of monastic Mediterranean cooking traditions from Eremito’s newly released cookbook with three delicious recipes.


Nature’s Kiss From Basium

Making no distinction between what one puts in or on the body, Constanze Saemann’s organic, vegan, and cruelty-free brand of skincare and natural perfumery Basium is gaining a steady following, including us. We had a brief chat with her on sustaining her path to sustainability.

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Biodynamic Vineyards Breaking New Ground

What is biodynamic wine? In short, vines that are farmed and wine that is made with low intervention and minimal additions or chemicals, allowing natural processes to do the heavy lifting. It’s funky, diverse and more often than not, delicious.