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01 Further Marfa La Metropolitana


La Metropolitana

Further speaks to design collective La Metropolitana about their first work of art, an installation that uses wood to evoke the devastation of Mexico’s ongoing drug wars.

01 Further Marfa Carlos


Carlos Betancourt

In his latest meditation on memory, beauty, and the passage of time, the influential mixed-media artist transforms illuminated Christmas tree toppers into magical vehicles of light, meaning, and ritual.

5D1cb0ce1ded345e2f3892d7 Rethinking Food 05



Further sat down with Rory Spowers and Peachy Keane of Ibiza’s pioneering Amorevore festival to talk about the state of the food industry, the future of agriculture, and the surprising, far-reaching consequences of how we eat.

5D14d429ad86d8cf5eb0789f The Evolution 02


Evolution of the Farm

A group of trailblazing farmers, chefs, writers, and entrepreneurs gather at a reactivated Ibiza farmstead for a two-day exploration of contemporary agriculture, the slow food movement, and how people across the globe are rethinking their relationship to food.

K Studio D&K 02


The Design Diaries – K-Studio

Looking at projects by K-Studio, one can’t help but be amazed by the energy of the light-filled spaces they design. Founded by Dimitris and Konstantinos Karampatakis, the studio creates this kinetic vigour by celebrating the history of the spaces, the architectural traditions of the location, and with a profound understanding of how light plays out in rooms.

Trunk Hotel Header


A sense of community

What gives you a feeling of belonging? At a time when we need a strong sense of togetherness to get us through this unprecedented period, we decided to look to our hotels and the Originals behind them to get inspired by the ways in which they support and are a part of their local circles. More than just brick-and-mortar spaces, these hotels are an intrinsic part of their social environment and act as beacons for the way forward.

DH Community Blog Cretan Malia Park Culinary Chronicles Chef Lefteris Iliadis 01


A Chef’s Culinary Chronicles — Interview with Lefteris Iliadis

Born and raised in Crete, Lefteris Iliadis found his calling as a chef at an early age—a passion that took him into the kitchens of acclaimed Greek and international hotels until it pulled him back home.

DH Swedish Bauhaus Bp 00


Swedish Bauhaus

Modern Scandinavian design has its roots in traditional crafts, but it owes much to the functionalism of the first half of the 20th century.

007 Twelve Senses Anke Bodak Portrait Beach


Anke Bodack

Becoming a hotelier was always in the stars for this peripatetic German. She just had to look up and read the meaning of her life’s constellation.

DH Ancient Rituals Bp 00


Ancient rituals to practice now

“Foolish the doctor who despises the knowledge acquired by the ancients,” Hippocrates wisely said—and we couldn’t agree with him more. Ancient wellness practices such as Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine advocate a holistic view on wellness, connecting the body with the mind and working with local plants and herbs to take you to a new dimension of health.

DH Promadic Traveler Bp 03 Cover


Paving the way to a Promadic Future

Within the next decade, key value shifts will have taken place, taking us into the age of the Promadic Traveler.

01 Further Marfa Erick Left


Erick Meyenberg

In his installation for Further Marfa, Mexican multimedia artist Erick Meyenberg uses a color study to highlight the ecological dangers of Donald Trump’s proposed border wall.

Blog Promadic Traveler 2


What the Promadic Traveler wants

Driven by local concerns about overtourism, Promads will embrace conscious tourism, increasingly seeking culture-driven community venues, as well as destinations that promote long-term, sustainable solutions to the rapid rise in tourism.

Dh Promadic Traveler Bp Portrait


Introducing the Promadic Traveler

By the end of the coming decade, a fresh, self-actualizing impulse will drive a new generation of travelers. Together with world-leading foresight consultancy The Future Laboratory, Design Hotels embarked on a year-long study to better understand this emerging mindset.