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01 SP Parkhotel Mondschein


Urban Healing in Bolzano

Well-being, Design

Words Vidula KotianDate 06 April 2022

Quality of life is at the heart of the provincial capital of South Tyrol, Bolzano—it has one of the highest in Italy. Parkhotel Mondschein takes this idea further, creating an urban getaway...

with a modern Arise Body and Mind studio, a variety of culinary delights, and a midcentury allure mixed with Belle Époque style that instantly soothes.

02 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Bolzano Streetview

Layers of history The city showcases architecture from various centuries

03 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Mountain View

The Dolomites Bolzano is enveloped by the mountains

04 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Meditation

Mind and body balance The hotel offers a holistic wellness program

For those seeking some recalibration, the journey starts with the incredibly beautiful setting of Bolzano at the foot of the Dolomites, surrounded by hilly vineyards. It’s hard to deny the healing power of the pure mountain air here. Parkhotel Mondschein—set in a charming 14th century building with white shutters and lush green foliage climbing its façade—takes its design cue from the nature outside.

05 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Facade 1

The facade Lush foliage surround the iconic white shutters

06 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Farm To Table

Farm-to-table The restaurants will source ingredients from the region

A palette of tranquil greens, grays, and browns underline the carefully chosen high quality furniture and gives the hotel the feel of a timeless sanctuary—it’s a winning formula that, along with lauded farm-to-table restaurants, the South Tyrol born-and-bred Dissetori brothers have perfected over their four properties, including 1477 Reichhalter, Villa Arnica, and Hotel Schwarzschmied, all located in Lana, South Tyrol.

07 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Guestroom Interior

Guest rooms Furniture was chosen for quality and intelligent design

08 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Guestroom Interior Stool Detail

Soothing interiors Midcentury meets turn-of-the-century

09 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Guestroom Mood

Minimalism Subtle elegance of the highest quality

At Mondschein, the in-house Arise studio offers holistic wellbeing through prana flow, tai chi, indoor and outdoor yoga, and retreats by a diverse community of teachers and healers from around the globe while Inner Gardens will guide you through rituals and events, such as yoga and cello, meditation, and tea ceremonies. To aid the regeneration of body and mind, Luna Bar will start you off right with a well curated breakfast that will appeal to both health- and food-afficionados with smoothies and fresh fruit yogurt bowls, to eggs benedict and brioche. So go on, let the experts at Parkhotel Mondschein help you find your path and get your chi flowing.

11 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Yoga Practise

Inner Gardens The hotel offers rituals and retreats

10 SP Parkhotel Mondschein Stucco Detail

Belle Époque Elegant stucco detail on the ceiling

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