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000 Circe Sher Paolo Petrone Thumb


Circe Sher & Paolo Petrone

The name of Circe Sher and Paolo Petrone’s Piazza Hospitality group sums up what the pair dreams to create: a piazza-like hub of inclusivity, community, and culture in Healdsburg, California.

004 Hotel Pacai Saulius Mikstas


Saulius Mikštas

A native son and ongoing champion of Vilnius, this visionary architect layers his work with the Lithuanian capital’s rich, colorful history.

001 Mirkku Kullberg


Mirkku Kullberg

How a creative visionary is challenging the way a hotel is made.

Blog SP Dexamenes 01


From a disused winery, a head-turning hotel

Opening this May, Dexamenes Seaside Hotel offers an architectural slice of Greek trading history on the mainland’s western Peloponnese coast.

002 Freigeist Hotel Goettingen Georg Rosentreter


Georg Rosentreter

One man is helping transform an off-the-beaten-track town in Lower Saxony from an intellectual hotspot to a design-lover’s dream.

Blog Tea Culture 01 1


The 5000-year story of tea in China

Some may chalk this up to fanciful mythology, but legend has it that tea was first discovered when Shen Nong, the Chinese emperor accredited with inventing agriculture, was sipping on hot water under a tree around 2740 BC when a leaf was blown into his mug. Medicine, Asian culture, and the planet’s drinking habits have been indelibly tea-stained since.

001 Toru Iwasa


Toru Iwasa

From the flurry of Tokyo to the peaceful respite of rural Japan, Toru Iwasa’s journey has been a step-by-step commitment to the goodness of an organic lifestyle.

Best Of Lamps Gramercy


Six of the world’s loveliest hotel light concepts

Much has changed since the days of Edison, and some of today’s most creative, forward-thinking hotels are bringing their lighting concepts to brilliant new heights. At these six properties, lighting takes center stage.

001 Miguel Conde


Miguel Conde

This transplanted Catalan entrepreneur has made Mallorca his home and proving ground, transforming old structures into new hospitality experiences.

000 Jayson Seidman Zach Kupperman Alex Ramirez Thumb


Jayson Seidman, Zach Kupperman, and Alex Ramirez

Inspired by the footloose spirit of post-war America’s artists and intellectuals, these three Originals have created a boutique getaway for a new kind of nomad.

Shinedoe Cover 01


7 Questions for Dutch Beat-Maker Shinedoe

Chinedum Nwosu, a.k.a. Shinedoe, began her DJ career when she was still a teenager, with her Inmotion parties (now called Intacto Nights) becoming a hot fixture of Amsterdam’s clubbing calendar around the turn of the millennium.

007 Kimamaya By Odin Nicolas Gontard Kid


Nicolas Gontard

A fiercely independent spirit brought him great success in the business world, but a giving nature and a desire to leave the world a better place has brought him true joy.

008 Anthony Fly Fishing


Anthony Champalimaud

For Anthony Champalimaud and his wife Charlie S. Champalimaud, the pathway to Troutbeck began with a creative step toward an artistic future.

004 Hotel Liberty Dietmar Funk Playing Guitar


Dietmar Funk

Dietmar Funk never planned to be a hotelier. And he certainly didn’t think he would transform a prison into a world-class hotel. But sometimes your breakout move starts in a place behind bars.