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Ariana Vafadari 03


Ariana Vafadari

Further meets Persian-French opera singer Ariana Vafadari, who takes enigmatic Zoroastrian prayers from 3700 BC and transforms them into haunting operatic pieces that speak to 21st-century festival goers.

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This Is Temporary

French architect Arthur Mamou-Mani is pioneering a new direction in temporary architecture, employing cutting-edge digital technology and radical new perspectives on shared space.

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Sufi Futurism

Further speaks to the spikey-haired Turkish luminary, whose singular sonic output melds ancient mysticism and musical traditions with contemporary electronic sounds.


The Eternal Festival

How does a tiny Greek island of ruins explain the thriving festival landscape of today? To understand the present, you have to go back to the beginning.

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The Prison Collection by Kit Kemp

Another thought-provoking extract from Design Thread, Kit Kemp’s third colorful and wholly inspiring book.

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Kalia & Antonis Eliopoulos

A series of serendipitous events led Kalia and Antonis Eliopoulos to hospitality, armed with a natural talent for piecing together a compelling narrative.

001 Yoshitaka Nojiri


Yoshitaka Nojiri

Surfer, family man, academic, and fearless businessman Yoshitaka Nojiri is making his mark as a Design Hotels Original on the Tokyo hospitality scene.

009 Chetzeron Sami Lamaa Snowboard


Sami Lamaa

By crafting authentic experiences from emotional memories, this hospitality visionary has created a rare, sky-high wonder.

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Seven Frame-Worthy Windows

We give you nine reasons to take the stairs and get fit, starting with the grand staircase at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch in London that’s made even more impressive thanks to a five-meter-tall glass window behind letting in lots of natural light.

00 SP El Llorenc


A Contemporary Moorish Emblem in Mallorca

Come mid-July, Palma’s historic heart is set to unveil the hottest new rooftop—a multi-terraced space complete with an infinity pool and incredible sea and city views.

001 Rodrigo Machaz


Rodrigo Machaz

A native of Lisbon and a lover of the ocean reflects on the life chapters that led to the opening of his three Memmo hotels.

001 Wang Xiaofei


Wang Xiaofei

With an entrepreneur’s drive, a design lover’s vision, and a doting husband and son’s sense of honor, this renegade is changing the face of hospitality in Beijing and beyond.

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Why Actor Stellan Skarsgård Loves Stockholm

Good Will Hunting, Breaking The Waves, Mamma Mia!, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: these are a few of the iconic movies Stellan Skarsgård has starred in over the course of an extraordinary career that shows no signs of stopping.

005 Olea Suite Hotel Christos Xenos Venia Xenou Beach


Venia Xenou & Christos Xenos

The first family of hospitality on Zakynthos has been shaping the island’s hotel scene for more than three decades and they remain as fresh and relevant as ever today.