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Sustainable Hotel Bohemia 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Bohemia Suites & Spa

Surrounded by the volcanic beauty of Gran Canaria, Bohemia Suites & Spa aspires to honor the surrounding landscape and the local community.

Sustainable Hotel Chetzeron 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Chetzeron

High in the hills of Crans-Montana, Switzerland, an abandoned gondola station has been transformed into the striking hotel Chetzeron. The commitment to environmental responsibility began with that very idea.

Sustainable Hotel Rockhouse V1

Our Conscious Eye On — Rockhouse Hotel

Perched on a volcanic coast on the western tip of Jamaica, Rockhouse Hotel uses every opportunity to celebrate its natural and cultural surroundings.

Sustainable Hotel Inhabit A

Our Conscious Eye On — Inhabit Southwick Street

London-based Inhabit Southwick Street has showcased sustainable, responsible design and practices from its inception. After receiving a Green Key award, the hotel is now on a mission to become a Certified B Corporation business.

Sustainable Hotel Chateau De La Resle 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Chateau de la Resle

Set in an ivy-wrapped manor house in the winemaking region of Burgundy, Château de la Resle works to show that luxury and sustainability can go hand-in-hand.

Sustainable Hotel Cretan Malia 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Cretan Malia Park

Founded by two Cretan sisters, Agapi and Costantza Sbokou, Cretan Malia Park offers a new take on sustainable luxury that is deeply rooted in their love for the island.

Reframing Waste Into Bold Design BP Teaser

The Future of Design is Waste

These innovative designers have embraced the circular economy to create new products that go beyond recycled to aspirational. Shopping consciously was never so appealing.

Concious Hotel Patina 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Patina Maldives, Fari Islands

Patina Maldives, Fari Islands is a radical example of biophilic architecture by renowned Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan and his Studio MK27.

Concious Eye Zuri Zanzibar 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Zuri Zanzibar

Zuri Zanzibar proudly supports environmental protection, works with the community, and aims to better the lives of locals.

BP Cervo Panel Food Sustainability Header

This Sustainability Manager is Optimistic

We interviewed Madeleine Dias de Rezende, Sustainable Development Manager at Zermatt’s Cervo Mountain Resort, about the hotel’s inspiring culinary program, her learnings, her challenges, and why she’s optimistic about the future.

Concious Hotel Carlota 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Carlota

Ecuador’s first certified B Corporation hotel has had sustainability at its heart from the outset.

01 MBO Cervo Mountain Resort Daniel Lauber Seraina Lauber Header Portrait (2)

Daniel & Seraina Lauber

Following an eight-month renovation that began in summer 2020, Cervo Mountain Resort in Zermatt, Switzerland, has become a showcase for sustainability with a new well-being philosophy that calls upon practices from around the world to heal body, mind, and spirit.

BP Cervo Panel Recap Header

Why the Only Way Forward Is Sustainable and Purposeful

If you are truly environmentally conscious, does it make sense to travel at all anymore? What is happening at the intersection of architecture and consciousness currently? Read on to find out where we stand and where we're headed.

BP Walking Meditation 00 Header

How to Make Any Walk a Meditation

On a long walk together, we spoke with spirituality teacher Conor Creighton about how to make any walk—whether through the city, the country, or an entirely new destination—a moment for mindfulness.

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