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- Memmo Baleeira

Conscious Hotel

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Sagres, Algarve, Portugal

Nearest train station

Lagos Railway Station


PPST Arquitectos

The Originals

Rodrigo Machaz


EarthCheck Silver Certification

Set inside a 1960s-built hotel, Memmo Baleeira worked to retain the structure’s memory, or memmo, in this new incarnation. To that end, the architects choose to adapt the original building rather than construct anew whenever possible. After its opening, Memmo Baleeira underwent a major evaluation to achieve EarthCheck Benchmarked status. Through its partnership with the organization, the hotel proudly showcases its commitment to using natural resources efficiently, reducing energy and water usage, educating its staff, guests, and suppliers, and undergoing an external audit each year. As Memmo Baleeira is surrounded by the wild beaches and lush mountains of Vicentine Coast National Park, there are ample opportunities for guests to connect with the surrounding nature. The hotel has created its own guide that recommends community businesses and outdoor ventures, including bird-watching, trekking, and beach clean-ups.

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The architectural concept was to preserve the existing historical building and adapt the hotel to the space rather than make major structural changes.

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The hotel has removed single-use toiletries from the rooms, only replaces linens on the third day (unless the guest makes a request), and removed plastic cutlery and straws from the restaurant.

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Water fountains are located throughout the hotel, where staff and guests can refill their water bottles. Rainwater is collected and reused in appropriate applications.

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Products & Produce

The hotel purchases vegetables, seafood, honey, olive oil, oranges, deli products, and more from local producers.

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Memmo Baleeira has created its own local guide to encourage guests to discover the area and learn about local culture.

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The hotel offers beach clean-ups, yoga retreats, and more, partnering with local businesses whenever possible.

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Healthy Workplace

Special consideration is given to employing and empowering local employees. The hotel arrange activities for staff throughout the year, including yoga and surfing days.

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The hotel’s sustainability mission and EarthCheck partnership are displayed at reception, in the staff area, and on the website.

Learn more about our 10 Principles

We spoke with the team at Memmo Baleeira to learn the latest on the hotel’s conscious journey.


What is your sustainability philosophy?

We at Memmo Baleeira Hotel are committed to achieving best environmental and sustainability practices. We have partnered with EarthCheck, the world’s leading benchmarking and certification provider, to advise us. The team at Memmo Baleeira strives to minimize the hotel’s footpring by implementing sustainable initiatives such as minimizing waste and reducing energy and water usage. We encourage our staff to discuss our commitment to environmental and social sustainability with guests, suppliers, and contractors.


How do you forge a connection to the local community and cultural surroundings?

We give preference to local suppliers when ordering products and produce and act in accordance with fair trade practices whenever possible. We also work to promote a balance between nature and tourism, as we are located in the Vicentina Natural Reserve Park, a protected area. We published a book called Living Sagres that points our guests to local providers for surfing, boat tours, restaurants, shops, and more.


What do you see as the biggest sustainability hurdle for hotels? How are you combating that?

One of our biggest challenges at the moment is hiring staff locally.

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Memmo Baleeira

Algarve, Sagres, Portugal

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Memmo Baleeira

Portugal, Sagres, Algarve
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