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- Gloria Manor

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Sustainable Gloria Manor A
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Pingtung, Taiwan

Nearest train station

Kaohsiung Zuoying HSR Station


J.J. Pan and Partners

The Originals

John Chen

Set inside a former Taiwanese Forestry Bureau building turned presidential guesthouse, Gloria Manor is both a beacon of modernist design and an homage to its natural surroundings. Gloria Manor is set inside Kenting National Park, a stretch of protected forestland that’s rich in biodiversity and trimmed with pristine beaches. With the natural world so close at hand, the architects chose to honor it. J.J. Pan and Partners modernized the 1950s-era structure by adding solar panels, a water recycling system, and redesigning the space in a way that enhances natural ventilation. The hotel works with the surrounding community and local ecological experts to offer experiences that inspire guests to engage with the environmental and cultural surroundings, such as traditional concerts, rice harvesting, and forest walks.

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The architects modified a 1950s-built structure with sustainability in mind, adding solar panels and allowing for natural ventilation. An infinity pool next to the lobby was built to cool down the space.

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The hotel provides each guest with a water bottle to be used at water dispensers. Reusable slippers rather than disposable slippers are found in the rooms.

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To reduce the use of air conditioning, the hotel installed ceiling fans, employed vertical shading on the balconies, and allowed all windows in guestrooms to be opened. There is no need to turn on the air conditioner for eight months of the year.

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A natural water recycling system has been installed. The hotel provides each guest with a reusable water bottle to be used at water dispensers.

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Products & Produce

The ingredients used in the restaurant are all organic and locally sourced, in order to shorten the food mileage and create an authentically Taiwanese culinary experience.

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Gloria Manor cooperates with local ecological studios and community residents to launch a range of activities, allowing guests to engage with local culture and participate at preferential prices.

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The hotel hosts traditional concerts, lectures, eagle-watching, and other special events to integrate culture into entertainment.

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Passengers can take the high-speed rail and then board a shuttle bus to reach the hotel. In addition, free pick-up and drop-off to multiple attractions is provided.

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The hotel often publishes stories about environmental protection and sustainable management on its social media channels.

Learn about our Conscious Hotel Principles

We spoke with the team at Gloria Manor to learn the latest on the hotel’s conscious journey.


What is your sustainability philosophy?

Our philosophy is “unified with nature.” We hope to implement environmental protection, reduce manmade waste, and work with the local community and ecological studios so that Kenting’s tourism resources can develop sustainably.


How do you forge a connection to the local community and cultural surroundings?

Gloria Manor cooperates with local ecological studios and community residents to launch many activities, allowing residents to participate at preferential prices. Activities include exploring the ebony forest, rice planting and harvesting, snorkeling, visiting the land crabs, exploring Kenting National Park, and more.


What do you see as the biggest sustainability hurdle for hotels? How are you combating that?

The pandemic is currently the biggest difficulty, and foreign travelers are not visiting. At present, we are encouraging Taiwanese people to travel domestically.

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