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06 TGT Katie Mcknoulty

Slow Down

After years as a digital nomad, writer and photographer Katie McKnoulty spends a summer in a small town in Le Marche, Italy, learning how to travel—and live—more slowly along the way.

02 Sustainable Art House Basel

Our Conscious Eye On — Art House Basel

Set in Basel’s Steinenvorstadt neighborhood, Art House Basel is a cultural touchstone with sustainability at its core.

Conscious Eye Skeppsholmen 01 (1)

Our Conscious Eye On — Hotel Skeppsholmen

For Stockholm’s Hotel Skeppsholmen, sustainability means minimizing its environmental impact and developing a healthy working environment while giving guests a special experience at the same time.

Juliet Kinsman (1)

Travel with Humility and Respect

Much time is spent considering how to talk about about kinder, greener, more ethical travel, says Juliet Kinsman. In this essay, the writer and travel expert explores why “respectful” travel should be the way forward.

BP The Good Traveler Header

The Good Traveler

The good traveler is a considerate and respectful traveler who moves with the lightest of steps possible and equips both mind and body for their journeys. Here’s a mental packing list that we intend to keep working on, as best we can, one step at a time...

Conscious Eye On – Hotel La Semilla 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Hotel La Semilla

Surrounded by lively green gardens on Mexico’s Riviera Maya, Hotel La Semilla set out to offer a more conscious form of hospitality

Sustainable Hotel Stamba 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Stamba Hotel

Stamba Hotel takes its responsibilities to heart: representing Georgia and forging a more conscious path forward.

Microsoftteams Image (128)

Christiane Wassmann

“Especially in the summer, once it gets cool in the evenings, everyone goes to the piazza in the heart of the village.”

Sustainable Hotel Nobis Copenhagen 02

Our Conscious Eye On — Nobis Hotel Copenhagen

By supporting local producers, Nobis Hotel Copenhagen is able to offer top-quality, seasonal ingredients and minimize its footprint.

Concious Eye Slate 01

Our Conscious Eye On — The Slate

A collaboration between Wichit Na-Ranong, the so-called “father of tourism” on Phuket, and his daughter, Prakaikaew Na-Ranong, The Slate is deeply rooted in the Thai island.

Sustainable Hotel Eremito 01

Our Conscious Eye On — Eremito

Eremito, a modern-day monastery made for contemplation in the Umbrian hills, is conscious at its core.

Sustainable Hotel Inhabit A

Our Conscious Eye On — Kruisherenhotel Maastricht

Through carefully restoring historical buildings and responsibly building new additions, the family-owned Kruisherenhotel Maastricht has worked to make a positive impact on its surroundings from the start.

Ethical Ecotourism: What to Engage With and What to Avoid

From safaris to conservation experiences, engaging with wildlife—especially the captive kind—carries a responsibility to ensure our presence is positive for the animals and their environment.

Will Biomaterials Build Our Future?

We spoke with leading designers, architects, and innovators about some of the most inspiring biomaterials that we can already use to build and create today.

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