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Conscious Future

Our Conscious Journey Podcast: Veronica Reed on Carlota 


“Everybody is going to have to start using materials from recycled components. It’s the future of the construction industry; we don’t have any other way to go”.



On this episode of the Our Conscious Journey podcast, we are joined by Veronica Reed, the co-founder and architect behind Carlota hotel in the UNESCO-protected old town of Quito, Ecuador. Set inside the charming house where Veronica’s partner was born, Carlota became Ecuador’s first certified B Corporation hotel in October 2019. 

Concious Hotel Carlota 01
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Quito, Ecuador

The Original

Renato Solines & Veronica Reed

The Carlota hotel is uniquely housed in co-owner Solines’ grandmother’s home, originally built in 1905. Veronica explains the complicated and years-long process of restoration and yet how it has still been more beneficial for sustainability compared to a new build. She discusses the importance of using existing or recycled materials and how this is the future of the construction industry, dissecting the different ways that she and her partner Renato practiced circularity in the construction process. Veronica comments on the shift to a more sustainable approach to travel, explaining that it first starts with awareness, and awareness comes through exposure. “Travel provides you with a sense of a global community,” she says, later saying that it is “our duty to provide travelers with enough information that they can make informed choices. How far are we willing to go for our ecosystem that we love and cherish so much?”

The Originals Renato Solines & Veronica Reed

“We had to find a point at which the architecture and design could meet. We did that through color.”
- Veronica Reed

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Carlota Made By Originals


Conscious Hotel Principles



Carlota is set inside a renovated building from 1905 that is registered as a piece of cultural heritage. During renovation, 90% of the original building was recovered.



During construction, new pieces of furniture were made with reclaimed wood from other construction sites. No packaged snacks are served, and only glass bottles are used.



In addition to using LED lights and efficient appliances, an onsite solar energy system generates 10% of the total energy use and gives the hotel two hours of autonomy.



Water-conserving fixtures and a waste water treatment system reduce consumption against a standard baseline by up to 40%.


Products & Produce

All hotel toiletries and linens are locally sourced. Produce and beverages are also sourced from local, organic producers.



A beacon in the community, Carlota hosts live music, Ecuadorian art cinema nights, cultural presentations and exhibitions, and TEDx talks.



Guests are invited to join walking tours of historic Quito, visit local parks, and engage with local businesses.


Healthy Workplace

As required for B Corporation certification, Carlota follows all principles that shape a quality workspace for staff and suppliers.


Measure & Communication

In addition to the hotel website, information on their conscious initiatives can be found in each guest room and public space.

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