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Our Conscious Journey Podcast: Christiane Wassmann on Rastrello


“The point was always to be as involved in the local community as possible,” Christiane Wassmann says of Rastrello. On this episode of the Our Conscious Journey podcast, she shares how she’s forged the connection.




While Christiane Wassmann is the only foreigner to operate a business in Panicale—a rolling, rural town in the heart of Italy—she is far from an outsider. Her family had been coming to the town for 30 years when she opened the eight-room hotel, with its organic olive groves and farm-to-table restaurant. 
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02 Conduit Christiane Wassmann




Panicale, Umbria, Italy

The Original

Christiane Wassmann

The community spirit is built into the concept: Rastrello is named for the small hand rake used to harvest olives to make olive oil, which they do in their own groves. “We love the idea of everyone coming together and making this communal product,” Wassmann says. “For us, it’s a symbol.” On this episode of the Our Conscious Journey podcast, hosted in partnership with social impact community The Conduit, Wassmann shares her sustainability philosophy, why she only hires local, and how her efforts seem to be making an impact on the community at large. Listen on Spotify to follow her journey.
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The Original Christiane Wassmann

“The point was always to be as involved in the local community as possible.”

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Conscious Hotel Principles



Throughout the renovation, the team worked to honor and highlight the original 500-year-old structure by hiring local craftsmen, repurposing material, and using traditional building methods.



The hotel is striving to become 100% plastic-free. Waste is recycled and kitchen waste is composted or fed to the chickens. Eggshells and coffee grounds are used as a fertilizer in the gardens.



During renovations, Rastrello took great care to source the most efficient lighting and machinery possible.



There are no plastic bottles on the premises. Instead, the hotel uses refillable glass water bottles throughout. There is a water recycling system and water collection system on the farm.


Products & Produce

The hotel grows vegetables, fruits, and herbs in its gardens. Flour and grains are from local, organic, non-GMO farmers and cheeses and meats are sourced as locally as possible. Wine is only from local wineries that the owners know personally.



Set in the historic center, Rastrello aims to be a positive and active member of the local community. The hotel features rotating art exhibitions that showcase local artists and offers an artist rate to encourage artists to stay at the hotel.



From the hotel, guests can hike up Mount Petrarvella or rent bicycles to ride through the hills or around Lake Trasimeno. In the fall, guests are welcome to participate in the olive or grape harvest.



Chiusi-Chianciano, one of the most central train stations in Italy, is a 25-minute drive from the hotel. The hotel encourages guests to take the train instead of renting a car.


Healthy Workplace

Rastrello only hires local team members and supports them by paying for language or industry studies to help them further their careers. The hotel promotes equality and positive communications.

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