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008 Anthony Fly Fishing


Anthony Champalimaud

For Anthony Champalimaud and his wife Charlie S. Champalimaud, the pathway to Troutbeck began with a creative step toward an artistic future.

004 Hotel Liberty Dietmar Funk Playing Guitar


Dietmar Funk

Dietmar Funk never planned to be a hotelier. And he certainly didn’t think he would transform a prison into a world-class hotel. But sometimes your breakout move starts in a place behind bars.

Amazing Women 001 New 1


Five Fierce Female Hoteliers You Should Know

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re circling back to the topic of women in hospitality to take a look at some of the bold, innovative women at the helm of our member hotels. Each of the hoteliers below—spanning the globe from the United States to Antwerp to Israel—have vastly different backgrounds but are united in their vision to deliver site-immersive, original hospitality.

Tedx Marrakesh 01


How Marrakesh Got Its Own TED Conference

The seventh TEDxMarrakesh, an extension of the popular TED Talk series, will kick off on March 2 under the theme, “We are the World—Identifying Identity.

5Cf5402642008103244f75a6 Residents Bedoiune P 1080



Watch the nomadic folksinger perform her latest single, “When You’re Gone”, in a new Further-produced video shot at Timber Cove on California’s Sonoma Coast

5Cf540233b29a2076f26697f Residents Axel Mansoor P 1080


Axel Mansoor

Watch Los Angeles-based songwriter Axel Mansoor perform a new song he composed at Further Timber Cove: The Expanding Artist.



Jesse Boykins

Though he’s often referred to as an “alternative R&B singer,” Jesse Boykins III is the kind of artist who defies classification.

5Cf54028ee1b524ed99fac7e Residents Jojo Abot P 1080


Jojo Abot

In a new visual EP shot at Further Timber Cove, the experimental Ghanaian artist tells a story of self-led liberation—and pays homage to Nigerian afrobeat godfather Fela Kuti.

5Cf11828207f142641c2948e E02 001


The Expanding Artist

A storied 1960s-era artists colony on California’s Sonoma Coast returns to its roots, resulting in a string of beautiful new works and recordings by Further residents Jojo Abot, Bedouine, Sasha Spielberg, and more.

Directions X Moonassi M2


Moonassi Takes Us Behind the Illustrations

To correspond with the publication of Directions 2019, we recently spoke to Daehyun Kim, a.k.a. Moonassi, a South Korean visual artist pictured at work in his studio in this silent short film, about the beautiful dreamlike ink drawings he created for The Science of Sleep.

Blog Thescienceofsleep 01


The Science of Sleep: An Unscientific Study

When I could not sleep as a child, I would press my head into the pillow, count sheep, and, if that failed, crawl into my parents’ bed. As a grown man, the solutions for insomnia are not so simple, and recently I have started sleeping in an electronic headband that uses “bone conduction speakers” to play sounds through my forehead and directly into my inner eardrum.

001 Elizabeth Unique Hotel Vittorio Curatella


Vittorio Curatella

Though he had more experience building hotels than running them, this small-town Italian brings big-city expertise and sophistication to his singular hospitality projects.



Hieu Minh Nguyena

The award-winning author of “This Way to the Sugar” and “Not Here” on community, displacement, and growing up queer and nonwhite in a Midwest that wasn’t all cornfields.

5Cf540248297fcc3a56a03e7 Residents Fatimah Asghar P 1080


Fatimah Asghar

With “Brown Girls” and “If They Come for Us,” the award-winning poet and screenwriter brings to life stories that were largely untold in popular culture—until now