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001 Renato Solines And Veronica Reed


Renato Solines & Veronica Reed

Entrepreneurial couple Renato Solines and Veronica Reed have created a new breed of hotel in Quito—one that respects its ancestral heritage and looks to the future.

001 Vaclav Dejcmar


Vaclav Dejcmar

When Czech polymath Václav Dejčmar locked eyes on a far-flung African beach, he envisioned his own hotel. He didn’t see what would come next.

001 Marc Chodock


Marc Chodock

This one-time New York City financier understood that hardworking creative Manhattanites were looking for a new kind of high-style escape just 90 minutes from Manhattan.

C-Hotel & Spa Andrea Colzani Portrait in Lake Como


Andrea Colzani

With his groundbreaking C-Hotel & Spa, Andrea Colzani is bringing a bold new sensibility and style to the Lake Como region.

001 The Qvest Michael Kaune


Michael Kaune

A visionary editor and art collector turns his sharp-eyed aesthetic to hospitality and Cologne’s status on the design map is instantly elevated to new heights.

001 Daniela And Philippe Frutiger


Daniela & Philippe Frutiger

They each have very different stories, but this husband-and-wife team shares a vision that has united them in the world of hospitality, and love.

001 Stanislav Tratsevskiy


Stanislav Tratsevskiy

Moscow-born artist Stanislav Tratsevskiy has transformed from philosophizing painter to a luxury hotelier with StandArt Hotel Moscow, the first Design Hotels™ property in Russia.

001 Paulo Barradas Rebelo And Ana Isabel Rebelo


Ana Isabel Rebelo & Paulo Barradas Rebelo

When a couple of pharmacists with a passion for wine, design, horses, and authentic local experiences set their mind on opening a hotel, a healing wonderland of history and enchantment emerged.

004 Ekies Alexandra Efstathiadou


Alexandra Efstathiadou

For Alexandra Efstathiadou, Ekies All Senses Resort is more than a hotel. It is childhood recaptured. It is luxury without pretense.

001 Gabriele Salini


Gabriele Salini

This ninth generation Roman’s passion for art, vintage design, and life itself is reflected in the standout hotel that he created along with business partner and friend Emanuele Garosci.

Micky Rosen Liran Winzman Alex Urseanu Thumb


Micky Rosen, Liran Wizman, and Alex Urseanu

They are the consummate locals and the ultimate hoteliers. Now united, Micky Rosen, Alex Urseanu, and Liran Wizman are a stunning new force to be reckoned with.

John Voigtmann Thumb


John Voigtmann

When this brave New Yorker was told that his dream would be impossible to achieve, he simply rolled up his sleeves and got busy.

004 Dos Casas Hotel Alberto Laposse


Alberto Laposse

Designer, architect, baker, manager, developer, financier, hotelier—most people make a career out of one these professions. This soft-spoken man of the world has crafted a rich life through all of them.

001 Carlos Couturier Moises Micha


Carlos Couturier & Moisés Micha

For Carlos Couturier and Moisés Micha, going from citrus farming and investment banking to owning a growing portfolio of boutique hotels in New York, Mexico, and Chicago, means always being motivated, experimental, and business-savvy.