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01 Cozy Lounges Bp Cambrain

Nine of the coziest lounges

Minimalist spaces with jaw-dropping views of nature outside compete with sultry hideaways made cozy with leather couches, mood lighting, and roaring fireplaces to vie for the position of the nine best lounges from our collection of handpicked hotels around the globe.

00 Travel Essentials Murkidis Header

Your essential travel gift guide

This article featured in our Directions magazine 2019 edition and we thought it timely to publish it now to help with some shopping inspiration. Below is a list of travel essentials by Berlin’s sartorial guru to the city’s fashion-forward creative set, Andreas Murkudis.

Blog PS Guide Berlin Boros 02

Style icon Alex Eagle’s Berlin black book good

Food, fashion, art, architecture: Empire builder and style icon Alex Eagle takes a 360-degree approach to chic living.

DH Blog Best Of Stairs Nobu Hotel Shoreditch Header Image

Nine striking staircases that are a step above

We give you nine reasons to take the stairs and get fit, starting with the grand staircase at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch in London that’s made even more impressive thanks to a five-meter-tall glass window behind letting in lots of natural light.

001 Sunyata Hotel Meili Lai Guoping

Lai Guoping

To translate an intellectual idea into bricks and mortar requires an ability to fine-tune ideas into living poetry. Thankfully, Lai Guoping is a creative spirit who is more than up to the task.

000 Gabriele Salini Francesco Petrucci Thumb

Gabriele Salini & Francesco Petrucci

Their passion for art, history, and Southern Italy not only brought them together, it brought Palazzo Daniele back to life as a living testament to those passions.

Blog Sunyata Botanical Library 01

Sunyata’s rare lyrical library in the Snow Mountain

“Snow Mountain Songlets” is a collection of poems by Hua Ma who lived in Meili.

Blog PS Guide New York 01

Live like a New York food goddess

Our old friend Elettra Wiedemann bursts in breathlessly, pulling the scarf from her swan-like neck and throwing it to the side.

234 DS Townhall

Five stunning historical conversions

In the ruins of all that was before lies reason. And so, in order to understand the present, we need to look to the past.

Blog Rural China III 07

A journey into rural China — part three

After two days in Fujian, we flew from Xiamen to Yangzhou, a city in China’s Jiangsu province that straddles the Grand Canal north of the Yangtze River.

Journey Rural China Part Two Thumbnail

A journey into rural China — part two

In any case, by the time we said goodbye to Mr. Wang and boarded a plane due southeast, I was ready for the country. A couple of hours later we landed in Xiamen, a city of some 4 million people in southeastern Fujian.

00 Blog Rural China 01

A journey into rural China — part one

On my first morning in Fujian, I woke up at dawn to the sound of rushing water. Rising from bed, I slid open one of the old wooden windows of my room, which was situated within a 180-year-old mountain dwelling in southeastern China.

00 Nicole Von Gierke Timbercove

What California’s coast sounds like

If you find yourself at Timber Cove Resort on California’s ruggedly cinematic coast, chances are you’ll hear music that you’ll strain to remember the lyrics of, and which band sung it.

00 Twelve Senses

Mindful minimalism in California

How do you take a concept like Rudolf Steiner’s 12 senses that revolutionized the education field and put it into practice in a hotel?