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Santorini’s New Design Oasis


001 SP Nous Santorini
  • Words Vidula Kotian
  • Date 17 December 2021

The design- and art-forward Yes Hotels properties have long made waves in the Greek hospitality scene.

First with Semiramis, a playful retro pop universe created by Karim Rashid; then with New Hotel, a true gesamtkunstwerk by the Campana brothers; and Periscope, a bold foray into modern Greek design. With their latest project, Noūs Santorini (set to open in Spring 2022), the group is moving beyond their beloved city of Athens to one of the most renowned Greek Isles.

002 SP Nous Santorini
003 SP Nous Santorini

Set against Cycladic architecture and spectacular natural beauty, the resort will be the largest on Santorini, providing plenty of lush gardens for guests to discover. In a nod to the staggered structures that typify local architectural style, the nested suites—all with private pools—will follow the slope of the ground. The spacious rooms will be characterized by wild nature and a raw materiality that mirror their volcanic island setting. The bespoke suites will feature local willow shutters that will play beautifully with the brilliant light here but also call to mind Santorini’s vineyards.

004 SP Nous Santorini
005 SP Nous Santorini
006 SP Nous Santorini

As with its sister properties, Noūs Santorini will use art as a defining feature—a changing roster of young contemporary Greek artists will grace the spaces—while at the Spa, the principles of Ef Zin (the Greek principle of well-being) will guide a holistic approach to self-care. This retreat dedicated to adults will use the gifts of the earth to provide highly effective treatments. Here, taking care of yourself will also include spending time in the outdoor or indoor pool, sauna, cold tank, the outdoor yoga area, and the subtropical spa gardens. All in all, Noūs Santorini will reimage this archetypal Greek island beyond its stunning volcanic beauty through a lens of art, design, and wellness.

007 SP Nous Santorini
008 SP Nous Santorini
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