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00 HEADER Prestige 768X532

A new take on Victorian in Penang, Malaysia

What does modern heritage look like? Opening in October 2019, The Prestige Hotel in the heart of George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Penang, is a modern interpretation of Victorian design layered with the art of illusion and lush local flora.

00 Parks 768X571

Seven ways to experience the wilds of Warsaw

Who says urban escapes have to be a concrete adventure? The highly creative team behind Autor Rooms in Warsaw have created a hyperlocal and an extensive list of what you can do in the city if you’re of the green bent of mind.

00 HEADER Square London

Stylist Mary Fellowes’ shopping guide to London

When it comes to jet setting, stylist Mary Fellowes knows a thing or two about life on the go.

Blog Best Of Views Chetzeron

Seven frame-worthy windows

We give you nine reasons to take the stairs and get fit, starting with the grand staircase at Nobu Hotel Shoreditch in London that’s made even more impressive thanks to a five-meter-tall glass window behind letting in lots of natural light.

01 Image Portrait Right K

Why actor Stellan Skarsgård loves Stockholm

Good Will Hunting, Breaking The Waves, Mamma Mia!, and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: these are a few of the iconic movies Stellan Skarsgård has starred in over the course of an extraordinary career that shows no signs of stopping.

DJ Hell Cover 02

Up from the underground with DJ Hell

You know you’ve made a name for yourself when you get sued by Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Blog Header Underrated Beaches 1

7 blissful beaches away from crowds

It’s always beach weather somewhere in the world, but for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, come spring, we’re ready with our flip flops, floppy hats, and (ahem) swimsuit bodies. The trick, of course, is finding the best-kept secrets, tranquil beach destinations where you can bliss out crowd-free.

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The 5000-year story of tea in China

Some may chalk this up to fanciful mythology, but legend has it that tea was first discovered when Shen Nong, the Chinese emperor accredited with inventing agriculture, was sipping on hot water under a tree around 2740 BC when a leaf was blown into his mug. Medicine, Asian culture, and the planet’s drinking habits have been indelibly tea-stained since.

Shinedoe Cover 01

7 questions for Dutch beat-maker Shinedoe

Chinedum Nwosu, a.k.a. Shinedoe, began her DJ career when she was still a teenager, with her Inmotion parties (now called Intacto Nights) becoming a hot fixture of Amsterdam’s clubbing calendar around the turn of the millennium.

Amazing Women 001 New 1

Five fierce female hoteliers you should know

To mark this year’s International Women’s Day, we’re circling back to the topic of women in hospitality to take a look at some of the bold, innovative women at the helm of our member hotels. Each of the hoteliers below—spanning the globe from the United States to Antwerp to Israel—have vastly different backgrounds but are united in their vision to deliver site-immersive, original hospitality.

Image 01 Julien Guerrier

Paris according to a Louis Vuitton insider

Here’s how to prep your Paris suitcase: “Travel light and casual: a pair of jeans, white shirt, blue jacket, book, and iPhone,” says Julien Guerrier, Louis Vuitton’s editorial director, who sat down recently with us to spill the elusive style secrets of the French capital.

Image Art Of Neo 01

Polish Cold War neons illuminate history

One of the most surprising legacies of Cold War-era Poland is its brilliant variety of neon signs, the first of which went up in Warsaw in 1929. Popular from the start, neons saw a flourishing in the cities in the 1950s, -60s and -70s.

Soul Clap Cover 03

How crate-digging duo Soul Clap travels

In another excerpt from Sound Travels: DJs in Transit, Berlin 2012-2017, the crate-digging Boston DJ duo Soul Clap talks life behind the decks and on the road.