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01 Art Basel Hong Kong


Top Five Things to See During Art Basel Hong Kong

Art & Culture

Words Alberta Leung

As Art Basel Hong Kong gears up to go full scale for the first time post–pandemic, the city is abuzz with frenetic energy.

The largest art fair in the Asia-Pacific region will host 243 galleries from 40 countries. Ahead of this year’s edition, starting on 28 March, we asked Alberta Leung, independent curator from Hong Kong and founder of the nomadic digital art platform “Size Variab;e”, what not to miss. Here’s your chance to enjoy enthralling art experiences that explore diverse themes, from the erotic to the political.

02 Art Basel Hong Kong
07 Art Basel Hong Kong

I am beyond thrilled for the Art Basel Hong Kong week! It fills me with a sense of anticipation and eagerness for the enriching experiences that lie ahead.

Alberta Leung

Apichatpong Weerasethakul Primitive

The Studio, M+ Museum
8 March – 14 July 2024

Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s multichannel video installation “Primitive” at the M+ museum represents a significant moment in the artist’s career and showcases his unique approach to blending visual art, moving image, and cinema. Through a captivating exploration of non-narrative structures, Weerasethakul invites viewers to contemplate the boundaries between reality and imagination, time, and space. By delving into the lives of teenagers in northeastern Thailand, the exhibition offers tender portraits and thought-provoking glimpses into the universal human experience, creating a mystical and resonant atmosphere.

Green Snake: women-centred ecologies

JC Contemporary
20 Dec 2023 - 1 April 2024

Unlike the original tragic romantic folktale from 18th-century China, the group exhibition “Green Snake” reimagines a world that detaches from patriarchy and capitalism. Through diverse cosmological systems and women-centered knowledge, the exhibition prompts visitors to reflect on their own relationship with nature and consider new possibilities for ecological relationships and sustainable coexistence.

Wong Ping anus whisper

Kiang Malingue
25 March - 4 May 2024

Since his last solo in Hong Kong seven years ago, Wong Ping returns to Kiang Malingue with “anus whisper” where the artist continues to explore the aesthetic meaning of bullshit. Inspired by Georges Bataille’s “The Solar Anus” (1931), the exhibition challenges conventional perceptions of bodily functions and provokes contemplation on relationships, fetishism, and the transformative power of art.

Magdalen Wong Sour Punch

Current Plans
23 March – 28 April 2024

The exhibition is a thought-provoking exploration of the enigmatic duality of clowns. Through dark humor and critical examination, Magdalen Wong delves into the suppressed inner desires shaped by social constructs and commercial influences. The theatrical staging, incorporating videos and kinetic installations, promises to offer a unique and immersive experience that sheds light on the complex emotions and narratives conveyed by clowns.

03 Art Basel Hong Kong

Kiang Malingue is a gallery housed in an industrial warehouse in Hong Kong’s Wan Chai neighborhood

Asia Art Archive

CCG Library, Asia Art Archive

05 Art Basel Hong Kong (1)

In Anus Whisper, Wong Ping presents a three-channel video installation

Asia Art Archive

Visiting Asia Art Archive is a must for anyone passionate about exploring and understanding the vibrant world of Asian contemporary art. With its vast collection of documents, publications, and multimedia resources, the archive offers an invaluable opportunity to delve deep into the region’s artistic heritage. From scholars and researchers to art enthusiasts and curious minds, a visit to Asia Art Archive promises a rich and immersive experience that will broaden perspectives and inspire creativity.

06 Art Basel Hong Kong

Museum image courtesy M+ Museum
Green Snake video by Kwan Sheung Chi, courtesy Tai Kwun
CCG Library, Asia Art Archive photo by Moving Image Studio
“anus whisper” image courtesy Wong Ping and Kiang Malingue.

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