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Unlock Your Deep Sleep Potential


001 Unlock Deep Sleep Potential

Words Farah ShafiqDate 04 January 2022

Back in 2019, we took a deep-dive into the subject of sleep from the perspective of an insomniac, who tried every sleep aid going, before settling upon one old-fashioned remedy that we highly approve of—a good hotel room. Fast-forward to now and we’ve all lived through a global pandemic, emerging on the other side with a distinct longing for hotel rooms and, as studies have shown, more deprived of quality sleep than ever. 

002 Unlock Deep Sleep Potential
003 Unlock Deep Sleep Potential

Enter Dr. Sophie Bostock, aka the sleep scientist, a highly experienced advocate for the importance of sleep. From her Tedx talks to IGTV videos and Youtube series ‘The Sleep Toolkit’—which tackles topics such as how to fall back to sleep when restless, how sex impacts sleep, and the proven scientific benefit of a bath before bed—Bostock’s knowledge on leveraging sleep to improve performance, health, and wellbeing is a tired person’s dream come true. 

To recap, the three main factors that affect sleep are our circadian rhythm (internal body clock), sleep pressure (the unconscious biological response that makes us want to go to sleep), and stress. All three work independently, so improvements to any one of them should in turn enhance your sleep.

Here, Bostock shares her best advice to help you achieve your most restful nights and energized days.

In terms of the spaces we live and sleep in, is there anything that we could do design-wise for better rest?

Your sleep environment should be dark (think pitch black), cool (around 18C), uncluttered (low stress), and comfortable. The ideal emotions for bed are to feel happy, calm, and safe. By day, we want as much natural light as possible, so work by a window if you can.

Name three things we could do during the day for a better nights sleep?

Get active, get outdoors, and eat a healthy, natural diet.

004 Unlock Deep Sleep Potential
005 Unlock Deep Sleep Potential
006 Unlock Deep Sleep Potential

What are your favorite ways to establish a calming pre-bed sleep routine?

Set an alarm on your phone to remind you to switch off and wind down an hour before bed. A soak in a warm bath is a great way to wash away the stresses of the day. 

008 Unlock Deep Sleep Potential
007 Unlock Deep Sleep Potential

For vivid dreamers, do you have any advice on how to process these for more soothing sleep? 

The brain uses REM sleep (the stage before you enter light and then deep sleep) to help process and re-balance emotions, so if you’re having very vivid dreams, it might mean the brain is working harder to soothe the emotions of the day. 

Try taking time out during the day to practice relaxation, and to talk about or write down your worries, which might help to reduce the intensity of your dreams. Regular exercise can also help get you into a deeper sleep. It’s also worth protecting that last hour of the day to wind down and do something pleasurable and relaxing, preferably away from screens. 

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