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      • Adelboden (1)
      • Champfèr (1)
      • Geneva (1)
      • Laax (1)
      • Lucerne (1)
      • Minusio, Lake Maggiore (1)
      • Rougemont (1)
      • Silvaplana (1)
      • Verbier (1)
      • Zermatt (2)
      • Zurich (2)

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      • Adelboden

        A traditional Swiss Mountain village which can play host equally well to both Summer and Winter escapes.
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      • Geneva

        The Swiss city of Geneva is located at the south-western side of the Lake Geneva.
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      • Laax

        The Swiss municipality of Laax lies in what is known as the “Arena of the Alps” and is comprised of the resorts of Flims, Laax and Falera.
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      • Lucerne

        The Swiss city of Lucerne is located on the shores of the Lake Lucerne.
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      • Minusio, Lake Maggiore

        Lake Maggiore ('Great Lake') is a large lake located on the south side of the Alps.
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      • Rougemont

        With great hiking and skiing, and an abundance of local traditions and crafts, the municipality of Rougemont is a welcoming world of Swiss charm.
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      • St. Moritz

        St. Moritz is one of the most recognizable holiday resorts in the world.
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      • Verbier

        Hit the slopes during winter for some of the best skiing & snowboarding Europe has to offer or put on your hiking boots and take to the trails for summer time walks through spectacular scenery.
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      • Zermatt

        A showstopper in the shadow of the Matterhorn, Zermatt is Switzerland’s glitziest ski resort—one that offers old-world charm in the form of stone roofs and wood walls, as well as perfection for the many skiers and hikers who pilgrimage here.
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      • Zurich

        Zurich lies picturesquely along the Lake Zurich. Due to the Swiss practice of strict bank secrecy, the city is an international centre for offshore banking.
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