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Discover our exceptional luxury boutique hotels in Chandolin

Ella Maillart, the famous Swiss travel writer, Olympic athlete, and adventurer, once said of Chandolin “I’ve chosen the world up here, where one can never tire of simple pleasures—for they flow, one after the other, as steady as the sap from a tree.” It’s easy to see what she was talking about when staying at a luxury hotel in Chandolin, one of the highest villages in Europe that’s inhabited year-round. The surrounding landscape is one of mountainous adventure—a haven for skiers and snowboarders in the winter and hikers and bikers in the summer—while the mountain village’s altitude promises almost year-around sun. Chandolin’s small population is indicative of its undiscovered status, but this French-speaking village in the heart of Switzerland’s Valais canton has a soul big enough to warm the heart of any visitor—just ask any guest staying at a boutique hotel Chandolin. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury hotels in Chandolin.

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