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      • Berlin (5)
      • Binz, Rügen Island (1)
      • Bremen (1)
      • Cologne (1)
      • Duderstadt (1)
      • Frankfurt (6)
      • Hamburg (6)
      • Michelstadt (1)
      • Munich (3)
      • Münster (1)
      • Rottach-egern, Lake Tegernsee (1)
      • Saarlouis (1)
      • Trier (1)

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      • Berlin

        Historically, Berlin is a new arrival on the scene of major European cities. When the former Prussian capital became the seat of power of the new German Empire in 1871, it was taunted as the "Parvenu City" by more established European capitals; Berliners took the name with pride, and a taste of the slightly subversive or radical has stayed with the city for most of its existence.
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      • Binz, Rügen Island

        Binz is located on Rügen Island, which welcomes you with its cliffs, pristine forests, long beaches and picturesque alleys.
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      • Bremen

        The city of Bremen is the stuff of fairytales, literally ,with its Renaissance era buildings, gothic creatures perched on nooks and corners, and a picturesque river running through it to complete the picture.
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      • Cologne

        Perhaps Germany’s most underrated city, Cologne offers something for everyone—gothic architecture in the old town, museums worthy of this art-centric city, a vibrant gay scene, and residents known for their joie de vivre.
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      • Duderstadt

        Duderstadt is a city in southern Lower Saxony, Germany, known for its medieval townscape.
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      • Frankfurt

        Frankfurt, Germany's financial centre, is also known as "Mainhattan", thanks to its location along the river Main and its pronounced skyline. It is home to the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.
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      • Hamburg

        Hamburg is Europe's second largest port city. Defined by its role as northern Germany's "Gateway to the World", the harbour is one of Hamburg's most interesting assets.
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      • Michelstadt

        Michelstadt is ideal for short trips and recreational activities like hiking, horse riding, playing golf or during the winter months cross country skiing.
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      • Munich

        At first glance Munich may very well be most known for Oktoberfest, but look beyond the beer halls and you will discover a city that’s rich in history, architecture and culture.
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      • Münster

        Named best small “green” city in Europe, Munster is not only a forward-thinking place where eco-consciousness thrives, but one with a large student population that keeps the café, bar, and cultural scene buzzing.
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      • Rottach-Egern, Lake Tegernsee

        Just an hour south of bustling Munich, Rottach-Egern is located on the shores of pristine Lake Tegernsee and sheltered by the majestic Alps.
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      • Saarlouis

        Set in Germany but close to France and Luxembourg, this ancient fortress city is famed for its old-world charm, culture, and wine.
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      • Trier

        Trier, located on the banks of the Moselle River, is considered the oldest city in Germany.
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