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The Best Boutique Hotels in Cologne, Germany

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Köln’s (Cologne) two biggest contributions to the German tourist landscape maybe the famous cathedral with its filigree twin spires and the Carnival in springtime, but its real gem is its people. “Reine Frohnatur,” as the Germans call it, is the locals’ intrinsic bent to be happy and make the most of life—a trait at its most flamboyant and enjoyable during the Carnival here and hard to miss from any hotel in Köln (Cologne). Despite being largely destroyed during the war, this ancient Roman city is full of Romanesque and medieval churches, and one the world’s largest Gothic cathedrals. Its modern heart lives side by side in the postwar buildings dotting the streets and the contemporary art scene that holds it own against its bigger neighbor, Berlin. Not far from any hotel in Cologne, the city’s creative spirit can be enjoyed on the streets in the form of fantastic murals or in the myriad galleries and museums present here. Below find a list of our selection of boutique and luxury Cologne hotels.

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