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The Pure

The Pure Interior in Frankfurt
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  • Food & Drink

    Bar and lounge

  • Spa & Recreation

    24-hour sauna and gym

  • Architecture

    Scharnberger Architekten

  • Interior design

    Rosen Architekten

  • The Originals

    Alex Urseanu & Micky Rosen

  • Themes


  • Food & Drink

    Bar and lounge

  • Spa & Recreation

    24-hour sauna and gym

The Pure captures downtown Frankfurt’s open-minded, cosmopolitan spirit in a chic, fashion-forward design of marble-meets-leather-meets nightlife supreme.

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Interior design Rosen Architekten


Interior design Rosen Architekten

The idea of space without borders is emphasized by clean-lined furnishings, light fabrics, Thassos marble, and high ceilings.

The notion of repose and of home are emphasized through the work of artist Stefan Strumbel, who explores what home means to different people. Subtle punctuations of silver amid a sea of white, soft illumination, and ambient tunes complete the contemplative scene.

Architecture Scharnberger Architekten

The choice to use light colors and materials allows the building and its structures to recede into the background.

Lighting and music are skillfully implemented to enhance the experience. The Pure Patio, meanwhile, is an extension of this communicative space. Its Timbertech decking is outfitted with stairs designed for comfortable sitting rather than climbing, while the lobby, the breakfast room, the bar, and the lounge form a harmonic open space fittingly known as the “Living Room”.

The Pure Facade in Frankfurt
The Pure Micky Rosen Alex Urseanu Made By Originals A 01 X2

The Originals Micky Rosen & Alex Urseanu

“Alex and I live what we sell. We don’t look for trends. We’re lucky in that what we like, other people seem to like as well.”
Micky Rosen




The Pure
Niddastrasse, 86
Frankfurt 60329

Facts & Facilities

  • Temperature today

    19°C / 67°F

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